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Trapped Key Interlocks - Maximising Safety
In Manufacturing

In any manufacturing company, one of your top priorities must be to ensure a safe working environment for your employees. To achieve this goal, you need a reliable and effective solution for controlling access to hazardous areas and machinery. This is where Trapped Key Interlocks come in.

What Are Trapped Key Interlocks?

Trapped Key Interlocks are a highly effective method of controlling access to hazardous areas, machinery, and processes. They work by trapping a key in a lock, which disables the machinery or process while guard doors are open, and operatives are working within the dangerous area. They ensure that machinery cannot be accidentally restarted until all guard doors are closed, greatly reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

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The Benefits Of Trapped Key Interlocks

Studies have shown that the use of Trapped Key Interlocks significantly reduce the risk of workplace accidents in any industry that has hazardous machinery and processes that require strict access control.

Industries including food processing, chemical manufacturing, aggregates, and heavy engineering have already seen the benefits of using Trapped Key Interlocks. You can make a difference by implementing this solution in your manufacturing operations.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Trapped Key Systems? 

IDEM Is The Name You Can Trust...

So, your priority is to keep your employees safe, but how can you do that if your Trapped Key Interlocks let you down? You need a reliable solution, especially if you have a harsh, dusty Aggregates application - or need to keep a Food and Beverage wash-down area safe. That reliable solution is IDEM Trapped Key Interlocks.

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'The Marines' Of The Safety Switch World

Nigel Dean, LC Automation Marketing Manager says, "IDEM design and build the best quality Trapped Key Interlocks we have ever seen - right here in the UK. Available in a choice of Diecast or all stainless-steel construction, they are equally at home in a quarry, wash-down area, inside, or outside... they will take whatever you can throw at them and carry on regardless. We say they are 'The Marines' of the safety switch world".

Trapped Key Interlocks are a great solution to help ensure a safe working environment in your manufacturing application or process. With their ability to significantly reduce the risk of workplace accidents, they should be a top consideration for anyone who is responsible for workplace Health and Safety.

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you want to improve the safety in your manufacturing application, take a look at Trapped Key Interlocks. Even if you have never used, or specified, a Trapped Key Interlock System before, it's really straightforward (especially with the help of our Field Sales Engineers). Contact us today by filling in the form below or call us on 01254 685900 to discuss your application and find out how we can help.

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