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Connectors and Terminals at LC Automation

People always expect us to talk about the latest, innovative new products (which of course, we do), but we are also proud to supply all the components, connectors and terminals that you use every single day.

But don't take these components for granted. Terminals may be relatively low cost items, but comprimising on quality can cause breakdowns and downtime in exactly the same way that a worn out PLC or faulty a.c. Inverter might. That is why we only supply Connectors and Terminals from trusted suppliers including Weidmuller and Lutze.

A Choice of Connectivity Solutions

When it comes to connectivity, we have some great solutions for you. If you are looking for simple cable glands and locknuts, we have a choice of plastic or nickel plated metal available, with additional EMC screened variants if you need them.

When you need something more hardwearing, Weidmuller Rockstar® heavy duty connector kits are hard to beat. Made from die cast aluminium, Rockstar® are standardised kits for assembling complete plug-in connectors, wherever there is a need for secure connections with excellent protection against dirt, moisture and mechanical stress. 

What Next?

We have a large range of connectors and terminals available to buy online. If you know the part number you are looking for, you can use the search in the website header. If you are not sure, browse our range below or get in touch if you need something a bit more specialised. Our Technical Support Engineers will be happy to help you out, so give them a call on 01254 685900.

Our Range of Connectors and Terminals Includes;


Fieldbus/Ethernet at LC Automation

Heavy Duty Connector Kits

Heavy Duty Connector Kits at LC Automation

Cable Glands and Locknuts

Cable Glands and Locknuts at LC Automation

EMC Shield Rails

EMC Shield Rails at LC Automation


Terminals at LC Automation

DIN Terminal Rails

DIN Terminal Rails at LC Automation

Connectors and Terminals at LC Automation

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