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Keep Your Employees Safe with IDEM Safety Switches and Heavy Duty Door Interlocks

From a simple non-contact safety switch to a heavy duty door interlock system, IDEM provide a reliable solution to keep your employees safe. And whatever IDEM product you are looking for, you can now purchase it from LC Automation, because we now supply the full range of IDEM Safety Switches.

IDEM Safety Switches at LC Automation

All IDEM products are designed and manufactured in the UK to the latest international standards. From non-contact safety switches through to some of the most innovative and ground breaking products in the industry, IDEM can provide a solution for your machine safety application.

Their Skorpion trapped key interlocks are available in a choice of Stainless Steel 316 or Mirror Finished Die Cast Metal. They have been developed to provide extremely robust mechanical coded key safeguarding and interlocking for hazardous machinery and applications, ensuring machine power is isolated before access can be gained to hazardous or dangerous machinery.



Stainless Steel Trapped Key Interlocks

IDEM Stainless Steel Trapped Key Interlocks

IDEM Solenoid Safety Switches

IDEM Solenoid Safety Switches

Die Cast Trapped Key Interlocks

IDEM Die Cast Trapped Key Interlocks

IDEM Non-contact Safety Switches

IDEM Non-contact Safety Switch

Trapped Key Interlock Accessories 

IDEM Trapped Key Interlock Accessories

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IDEM Trapped Key Safety Interlocks at LC Automation

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Download IDEM Safety Switches and Key Exchange System PDF's at LC Automation