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No Matter Where You Are in the UK, We Can Provide You With Local Field Sales Support

Our friendly team of Field Sales Engineers cover the whole of the UK, offering unbiassed advice and on-site support to our customers, backed by our own Technical Support Engineers and manufacturer experts.

Our Field Sales Engineers are a great resource for product information, application advice and are the ideal people to discuss your future projects with. They may be able to suggest solutions you hadn't thought about, or didn't even know existed. Where you need more in-depth information or specialist advice, they can arrange that for you.

To get in touch with your local Field Sales Engineer call 01254 685900 for more details.

David Elliott LC Automation Field Sales ManagerDavid Elliott - Field Sales Manager
Mobile: 07770 447985

David Elliott joined LC Automation in 1999 as a Field Sales Engineer and worked his way up to Field Sales Manager. His
extensive knowledge and experience within engineering and manufacturing enables him to support his Field Sales team.


 Northern Area Sales Team

Steve Eckersley LC Automation Senior Field Sales EngineerSteve Eckersley - North Wales and North West England
Mobile: 07836 706456

Steve Eckersley is an experienced Senior Field Sales Engineer, working for LC Automation since 2002. He supports our customers from Preston to North Wales and has a wealth of experience working in the industrial automation industry.

Gary Crook LC Automation Field Sales EngineerGary Crook - North East, Scotland and Northern Ireland
Mobile: 07768 301388

Gary Crook joined LC Automation in 2017 covering the North East, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Gary is an experienced Area Sales Manager with several years working in industrial automation.

Tom Lees LC Automation Field Sales EngineerTom Lees - Greater Manchester and Cumbria
Mobile: 07850 312833

Tom Lees joined LC Automation in 2017 as Field Sales Engineer for Greater Manchester, Cumbria and North Lancashire. Tom has previously worked as a Technical Sales Engineer and brings his technical knowledge and sales skills to provide the advice and
support his customers need.

Kevin Gorton LC Automation Field Sales EngineerKevin Gorton - East Lancashire and Yorkshire
Mobile: 07831 302483

Kevin Gorton is one of our newest Field Sales Engineers, having joined LC Automation in 2019 covering East Lancashire and Yorkshire. He has several years experience in similar sales roles.


 Southern Area Sales Team

Richard Howell LC Automation Field Sales EngineerRichard Howell - South West and South Wales
Mobile: 07850 145855

Richard Howell joined LC Automation in 2015 as Field Sales Engineer covering the South West and the South Wales region. Richard has a long track record in industrial automation and supports customers in a wide range of industry sectors.

Hiten Jadeja  LC Automation Field Sales EngineerHiten Jadeja - South and East of England
Mobile: 07867 524755

Hiten Jadeja is the latest Field Sales Engineer to join LC Automation. Hiten graduated from City of Bristol Advanced Engineering Centre
and will support our customers with his knowledge and experience
of electrical engineering within the manufacturing industry.

Jason Price LC Automation Field Sales EngineerJason Price - The Midlands
Mobile: 07770 447984

Jason Price is one of our newest Field Sales Engineers having joined LC Automation in 2019 covering The Midlands. Jason is an experienced Area Sales Manager and has been working in industrial distribution for several years.

LC Automation Field Sales Team

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