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Welcome to LC Automation's News Archive Page. Here you will find copies of our older news stories, reports on past events and product launches. Please note; some special offers will no longer be available, so please call 01254 685900 to confirm price and availability details.

Are Pneumatic Cylinders Holding You Back? Let Us Introduce You to IAI EC EleCylinder

Are Pneumatic Cylinders Holding You Back? Let Us Introduce You to IAI EC EleCylinder

Traditional pneumatic cylinders are like the pub bore; you know they are going to annoy you but you can't seem to get rid of them! Inefficient, unreliable and hard to control, we are willing to bet they are holding back your productivity.


Mitsubishi Control System Helps Brewer Increase Production by 300%

Mitsubishi System Helps Brewer Increase Production by 300%

The perfect beer is a blend of art and science. When Sadler’s Ales, a historic Black Country brewery, wanted to grow its business Automation it decided to adopt an automated process control solution from Mitsubishi Electric to perform the measured and repetitive tasks while allowing brewers to focus on more creative, interesting and rewarding aspects.


Rittal Large Enclosure Roof Mounted Cooling System

Outstanding Cooling From Above

Rittal has developed a roof-mounted version of its award-winning and highly energy efficient Blue e+ cooling units. Designed for enclosures of 800 x 600mm (W x D) upwards, they deliver a cooling output of 1.3 kW. An integrated version is also available for the VX25 large bayed enclosures.


Red Lion DA10D and DA30D Protocol Converters

Powerful Connectivity Tools from Red Lion can Unlock Valuable Data from Your Legacy Equipment

If you have a 'mixed bag' of devices from different suppliers and legacy equipment which runs your critical processes, it can be a huge challenge to get your hands on the information and data you want. Well, not any more!



Schmersal SLC IP69K Safety Light Curtains for Food and Bev applications

IP69K Safety Light Curtains for Washdown Areas in the Food and Beverage Industry

Schmersal has developed the SLC/SLG series of safety light curtains and light grids, which have IP69K protection rating and are robust enough for safety applications in hygiene-sensitive or wash-down areas in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals or meat and milk processing.


Mitsubishi Robot Plastic Moulding Application

Mitsubishi Robot Takes The Pick in Plastic Injection Moulding

Mitsubishi Electric proved to be the ideal solution for this take-out system for plastic injection stretch blow moulding machinery. The MK5 which also supports integrated leak testing of plastic containers is based on a Q-series PLC, a six-axis articulated arm robot and GOT touch-screen HMI. The result is reduced transfer and testing times and greater flexibility to adapt for different production runs.


Mitsubishi Electric GOT2000 - the excellent replacement for ageing Beijers E1000 series HMI's

It's Not Too Late to Migrate from Your E1000 to a GOT2000 HMI

The E1000 series was one of the most popular HMI’s we have sold (as a Beijer product branded as Mitsubishi). Mitsubishi and LC Automation replaced this range with more advanced GOT (Graphic Operator Terminals) in November 2015, offering improved performance and better features. The E1000 continued to be sold by Beijer – but not any more.


The Sick T-Easic FTS Thermal Flow Switch at LC Automation

The Sick T-Easic FTS - Thermal Flow Switch

The T-Easic® FTS Thermal Flow Switch provides flow monitoring and temperature measurement in one device, making it an excellent solution for a wide range of flow applications.



Weidmuller PROtop Power Supplies from LC Automation

Weidmuller PROtop. A High-end Power Supply for Any Environment - Today, or in the Future

24/7 installations require a particularly reliable power supply that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Condition monitoring for preventive maintenance is also becoming increasingly important and that is where the Weidmuller PROtop range comes into it's own.


Tosibox Remote Access Solutions at LC Automation

Tosibox Makes IIoT and Remote Access Child’s Play

At LC Automation, we talk a lot about Tosibox; their security, the benefits of remote access and how easy the units are to set up and install. But people still ask; ‘Can I really set up Remote Access without any IT skills?’. Well, let’s see…



Buy Brook Crompton Motors at LC Automation - 3-year Warranty Available

Brook Crompton Motors and Mitsubishi Electric a.c. Inverters Offer 3-year Warranty

Mitsubishi Electric and Brook Crompton have had a successful partnership for many years and recently strengthened their strategic alliance. The goal of this alliance is to offer a ‘Best in Class’ Motor and a.c. Inverter combination, providing the optimum solution for our customers.


Finder 39 Series Relays are now Available at LC Automation

Finder Relays & Control Panel Components - Now Available from Stock at LC Automation

Components. Finder have been supplying high-quality products for over 60 years, which makes you wonder why it took so long for them to get to LC Automation? Still, they are here now...


Sick DeTec4 Safety Light Curtains at LC Automation

Safety and Automation Produce Results in Packaging Industry

Sometimes, safety and automation seem to work against each another, but Sick know that it doesn’t always have to be the case. With the influx of automated machinery, end-of-line packaging plants have more flexibility and higher production, but there is still a risk of worker injury if these systems are not properly equipped with sensor technology designed to protect people from harm.


Mitsubishi Electric Automated Cheese Production Case Study

Automation & Dairy Products: No Longer Like Chalk & Cheese

Dewlay Cheesemakers commissioned a new automation system to help apply their skill and expertise to a wider range of cheeses. The challenge was to introduce new varieties while continuing to deliver exceptional batch quality and consistency. LC Automation and Tritec Developments Ltd created a solution incorporating hardware from Mitsubishi Electric to help supervise and manage the individual processes.


Mitsubishi Launch Rugged HMI, the GT2507T

Mitsubishi Launch GOT2000 HMI for Your Extreme Environments

HMIs have been used in factory environments for many years; however growing demand for automation outside the factory means HMIs are expected to operate in harsher, more demanding applications. To address these needs Mitsubishi Electric has added a new rugged variant to their GOT2000 range.


Buy IDEM Safety Switches and Door Interlocks from LC Automation

Keep Your Employees Safe with IDEM Safety Switches and Heavy Duty Door Interlocks

From a simple non-contact safety switch to a heavy duty door interlock system, IDEM provide a reliable solution to keep your employees safe. And whatever IDEM product you are looking for, you can now purchase it from LC Automation, because we now supply the full range of IDEM Safety Switches.


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