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News Archive - Page Five

Welcome to oldest News Archive Page from LC Automation. Here you will find copies of our older news stories, reports on past events and product launches. Please note; any special offers will probably not be available, so please call 01254 685900 to confirm price and availability details.

Mitsubishi Cobot close up

Futureproofing Your Operations with Cobots is Easier Than You Think

Automated shop floors where cobots work alongside operators are no longer the future, but rather the present. Collaborative solutions are already changing the way we operate and, ultimately, the industrial world we know.


Weidmuller SNAP IN Terminal Blocks Installed in a Click

Engineers; are You Still Wasting Time Crimping your Cables and Using Screw-in Terminal Blocks?

You are not alone - but do you know there is a much better way? SNAP IN Terminal Blocks from Weidmuller are an absolute game changer!



Lutze AirSTREAM Energy Efficient Control Panel Wiring


Revolutionary Control Panel Wiring System Saves Time, Saves Space and Saves Energy!

When it comes to energy efficient temperature control in your enclosures, there is one factor that is often overlooked – how you actually wire the control panel!



Sick Safety Assistant App at LC Automation

A Diagnostics Dream with Sick Safety Assistant App!

Sick deTec4 Series Safety Light Curtains are some of the most advanced units available in the UK, boasting a range of innovative features and time-saving benefits to make your life easier. The latest of these innovations is the integration of Near Field Communication (NFC) into the receivers, so you can now use your smartphone with the Sick App to read all the diagnostics data without a cable, software or laptop!


Red Lion NT4008 Gigabit Ethernet Switches at LC Automation

Red Lion Introduces NT4008 Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Red Lion introduces NT4008, a new 8-port Gigabit managed Industrial Ethernet switch series. The NT4008 series switches are certified to meet PROFINET PNIO v2.34 Conformance Class-B standards to ensure seamless integration into PROFINET networks using standard PLC configuration and management tools.



The Perfect Climate Inside Your Enclosure - Rittal Whitepaper

The Perfect Climate Control Inside your Enclosure - Download Our Free Whitepaper

Electrical installations are becoming more compact which creates more heat. This Rittal whitepaper explains why a constant temperature is the best condition for long life and high reliability of your electronic components and why it is important that sufficient cool air flows past the components.


Could Better Safety Improve Your Productivity?

Could Better Safety Improve Your Productivity?

Sick deTec4 Safety Light Curtains are a great solution for protecting your personnel from harm during your production cycle. But increasing safety always means restricting your productivity, right? Not with Sick deTec4…



Red Lion OM-50 Panel Meter at LC Automation

The Future of Panel Meters is Here...
It's Called the Red Lion PM-50!

Monitor your equipment and see your data like never before with Red Lion’s Graphical Panel Meter, the brand new PM-50. This next-generation graphical panel meter connects you to the information that matters most, where and when you need it most.

Lutze Power Supplies at LC Automation

Lutze Power Supply is the Heart of a System

A reliable and failure-free power supply does not just depend on a good power supply unit. When you are looking to make savings, always bear in mind that the power supply is the 'heart' of every application!



AuCom Soft Starters at LC Automation

AuCom Soft Starters are the Final Piece of Our Complete Motor Control Solution!

We’re pleased to announce that AuCom Soft Starters are now available from LC Automation. Well known in the field of fixed speed motor control, the excellent AuCom range is the final piece of our motor control solution.


New IDEM IP69K Emergency Stop Switch Designed for Strict Washdown Environments at LC Automation

New IDEM IP69K Emergency Stop Safety Switch Pulls Out All the Stops

IDEM’s new water resistant Emergency Stop Switch is designed to provide robust Emergency Stop protection for applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


Sick SPEETEC® at LC Automation

Sick SPEETEC®, The New Alternative for Non-contact Speed or Length Measurement

The SPEETEC® laser technology overcomes all contact method constraints because it avoids any mechanical contact with the products and this new technology is insensitive to colours, surface finish and type of materials.


Get a Quote for your Safety Switches from LC Automation

Why Have Plastic When You Can Have Steel?

We can supply strong, reliable IDEM Stainless-Steel safety switch at a similar price to a leading brand plastic versions? You get the advantages of Stainless Steel; almost unbreakable reliability & resistance to wash-down and harsh chemicals, without breaking the bank. Is that really possible?


Red Lion Introduces Secure Industrial Remote Access Platform at LC Automation

Red Lion& Secure Remote Access Platform

Red Lion Remote Access Platform delivers next-generation remote access solutions to meet the most intense, high-security demands of industrial applications, allowing you to quickly respond to and act on your most crucial data from anywhere.



Reduce Installation Time by 80% with Cablefix One

Reduce Installation Time By 80% with Lutze Cablefix One!

The Lutze Cablefix® One cable entry system provides a flexible solution when feeding cables and pre-made assemblies into your control cabinets.




Mitsubishi Electric Launch New E800 Series at LC Automation

Mitsubishi Electric Launch the E800 Series!

Mitsubishi extend their range of a.c. Inverters with the new E800 Series. Offering more than just energy saving, the E800 includes industrial ethernet connectivity & impressive predictive maintenance capabilities to keep your plant running.



LC Automation Announced As Weidmuller Automation Partner

LC Automation Announced As Weidmuller Automation Partner

Weidmuller have appointed 6 Automation Partners for the UK and we are very proud that LC Automation has been included. It's a great achievement which is a result of our investment in Technical and Customer Support. 



The Perfect Climate Inside Your Enclosure - Rittal Whitepaper

Rittal Celebrates Production of the One-millionth VX25 Enclosure

2021 was a triple milestone for Rittal, the company celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding, the 75th birthday of owner Prof. Friedhelm Loh and most importantly, the one millionth Rittal VX25 been produced!



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