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Expert Technical Support from LC Automation.

LC Automation are proud of our team of Application and Technical Support Engineers, in fact in a recent customer survey 62% of customers said our technical support was better, or much better than our competitors. We firmly believe that our application or technical support could make a huge difference to the success of your project.

We have put together a series of technical support articles for all the things you might be struggling with, worried about, or just want a little bit more information on!

Mitsubishi electric energy saving tips

Five Ways to Reduce Your Energy Consumption


Sick deTec2 Safety Light Curtain

DeTec2 Light Curtain Responds to PL & SIL Requirements


Rittal Temperature Control

Rittal's Essential Tips for Temperature Management


Keeping ahead of competition with TSN

Keep Ahead Of The Competition With TSN

SICK Water Case Study

SICK: When Wayne's Water World Went Digital...


Weidmuller crimping tools

Weidmuller Tools - Crimping Best Practice!


Lutze cables

MHz or Megabits? Understanding Ethernet Cables


Pilz Safety Light Curtain

Pilz Safety Light Curtains: Your Questions Answered!


Mitsubishi MaiLab Software

Mitsubishi MaiLab AI Software: A Conversation


mitsubishi tips for choosing the right PLC

Mitsubishi: 5 Tips for Choosing The Right PLC


Sick FTMg

Compressed Air Monitoring = £60,000 Savings Every Year!


Sick laser scanners

Sick Enable You to Monitor up to 4 Protective Fields At Once


Pilz safe human - robot collaboration

Pilz: Safe Human and Robot Collaboration


mitsubishi robot demo

Want a Robot But Don't Know Where To Start?


Mitsubishi TSN

5 Things TSN Can Accomplish for IIoT and Industry 4.0


Rittal small enclosures reducing automation footprint

What Enclosure Can Reduce Automation Footprint?