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Great News - AuCom Motor Soft Starters are Now Available from Stock at LC Automation!!

Fair enough, you may not recognise the name, but AuCom are specialists in fixed speed motor control (soft starters), providing reliable high quality products, backed by know-how and support to make sure things go right from the start.

Although they operate globally, we are proud to say their range of CSXi and EMX4 Soft Starters are now available in the UK from LC Automation.

Who is AuCom?

AuCom pride themselves on understanding your business, so they can create a solution that makes your life easy. Their technical know-how and extensive range of technologies enable them to deliver straight forward solutions for simple applications all the way to fully advanced products for more complex requirements.

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AuCom Soft Starters - Order Online for Next Day Delivery!

AuCom is one of our newest franchise suppliers and we now have AuCom CSXi and EMX4 Motor Soft Starters, in stock and available to order online for next day delivery. If you are looking for more information or want to place an order for AuCom Soft Starters, call us on 01254 685900 and we will be happy to give you a competitive quote.

AuCom CSXi Compact
Soft Starter

AuCom CSXi Compact Motor Soft Starters - Order Online at LC Automation

AuCom EMX4i Intelligent
Soft Starter

AuCom EMX4i Intelligent Soft Starters - Order Online at LC Automation

AuCom FAQ Videos

If you have any questions about AuCom Soft Starters,we have filmed a series of FAQ videos with Gavin Highfield from AuCom.

Aucom 'Start Here' App Making Soft Starters Easy

AuCom 'Start Here' App

Soft Start or Variable Speed Drive?

Should I use a Soft Start or Variable Speed Drive?

What are the Benefits of Soft Starts?

What are the Benefits of
Soft Starters?

What Size Soft Starter?

What Size Soft Starter do You Need for Your Application?

Can you Save Energy Using a Soft Starter?

Can you Save Energy Using a
Soft Starter?

What Size Motor is Best?

What Size Motor is Best for
Your Application?

Looking for More Information? We Can Help With That...

Whether you have a fixed speed or variable speed motor application (or haven't made up your mind yet), LC Automation has a great range of products with all the help and advice you need to complete your project. There won't be many questions we haven't heard before, so call 01254 685900 for more information, friendly advice or a quote. We'll be happy to help.

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