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LC Automation Make it Easy to Select the Right a.c. Inverter and Electric Motor Combination

If you are looking for high-quality a.c. inverters (Variable Speed Drives, VSD's, Inverter Drives) and great-value electric motors you have come to the right place. LC Automation is the UK's Number 1 supplier of Mitsubishi Electric a.c. Inverters and we make it easy to specify the right inverter/motor combination for you.

Whether you know the a.c. Inverter you need and want to specify a great value electric motor to suit, or you know the motor you need and want to check out your options for a suitable a.c. Inverter, we are here to help.

Each of the a.c. Inverters we have available to buy online has a suggested motor below, along with suitable filters and brakes you may also need. You don't need to worry about finding and specifying the correct item, we have done that for you. Alternatively, download our exclusive a.c. Inverters and Electric Motors catalogue here  to see our colour coded selection charts which give a choice of the most popular products. Get in touch if you need something a bit more specialised and our Technical Support Engineers will be happy to help you out. Give them a call on 01254 685900.

Our Range of a.c. Inverters and Electric Motors Includes;

Ultra Compact Mitsubishi Electric FR-D700

Mitsubishi FR-D700 a.c. Inverter

High-performance Compact Mitsubishi Electric FR-E800

Mitsubishi E800 series a.c. inverters

Mitsubishi Electric FR-F800 with Ethernet as standard

Mitsubishi F800 a.c. Inverters at LC Automation

Mitsubishi Electric FR-A800 with Ethernet as standard

Mitsubishi A800 a.c. Inverters at LC Automation

TECDrive IP66 Rated a.c. Inverters

TECDrive IP66 Rated a.c. Inverter from LC Automation

Great Value TEC Electric Motors

Great value TEC Motors at LC Automation

Brook Crompton Motors

Brook Crompton Motors at LC Automation

a.c. Inverters and Electric Motors at LC Automation

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