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Industrial Automation For The Aggregates Industry

The UK Aggregates Industry is at a crossroads with new legislation, recruitment problems and a focus on sustainability causing headaches for people like you, but we can help.

Engineer with Conveyor on an Aggregates Site

OK, we can't help you to recruit more staff or fight your way through the red tape, but what if we could reduce downtime to help your business become more efficient and productive? Maybe we could help to keep your employees safe, which may lead to less sick days caused by accidents and better staff reflection? LC Automation has the products and customer support that can make this a reality.

What Can I Achieve?

  • Better reliability - more uptime
  • A more sustainable future for your business
  • Reduced costs by improving energy savings
  • Better employee safety
  • Reduced waste
  • Better plant visibility

Sustainability! Sustainability! Sustainability! 

There is one word on everyones lips at the moment, and that is Sustainability. Whether you like it or not, every aggregates business needs to be more focused on sustainability and reducing your environmental impact, and automation systems are expected to play a key role in achieving these goals.

Automation can help to reduce waste, optimise energy usage, and improve overall efficiency. If you take a look through our aggregate industry articles and case studies on the right. You will find plenty of products and tips to help to make your life easier and your business more sustainable!

Aggregate site

Will Your Solutions Survive in Our Harsh, Outdoor Environment?

We are all aware of the general benefits of automating a production line in a factory, but how can that translate to your harsh aggregate site? We have an exciting range of products that are specifically designed to withstand the toughest conditions so companies like yours can also benefit from increased automation.

Technology is advancing rapidly, so it's a great time to explore our solutions that can bring immense benefits to your operation and help to keep you in front of your competitors.

We're Here To Help...

The LC Automation team is here to help your aggregate production become more reliable, more sustainable and safer. We're happy to advise you on the products you need to reach your production targets. In fact, your local Field Sales Engineer has got his safety boots and high-vis jacket ready so he can visit your site to discuss your specific challenges first hand. That could make a huge difference, so give us a call us on 01254 685900 and we'll book you in.

Featured Products for the Aggregates Industry;

Rittal Outdoor Enclosures

Buy Rittal outdoor Enclosures Online

AuCom EMX4i Intelligent
Soft Starters

AuCom EMX4i Intelligent Soft Starters - Order Online at LC Automation

Pilz Programmable Safety Relays

Buy Pilz Programmable Safety Relays Online

Mitsubishi Electric FR-F800 with Ethernet as standard

Mitsubishi F800 a.c. Inverters at LC Automation

IDEM Safety Rope Pull Switches

IDEM Safety Rope Pull Switch

Mitsubishi Electric FR-A800 with Ethernet as standard

Mitsubishi A800 a.c. Inverters at LC Automation

IDEM Trapped Key Interlocks

IDEM Trapped Key Interlocks

Aggregates Articles

Teltonika Networks Solutions

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IDEM Safety Switches In The Aggregates Industry

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SICK Bulkscan In The Aggregates Industry

Sick Bulkscan Is A Low Maintenance Alternative To Mechanical Belt Weighers 

AuCom Case Study

Aggregate Plant in Oman link

SICK Bulkscan Case Study

Bulkscan Optimises Brown Coal Extraction at RWE Power In Inden 

Rittal Outdoor Enclosures For Aggregate Sites 

Dusty To Durable Outdoor Enclosures 

Mitsubishi Electric HMI

Mistubishi Electric Launches a GOT2000 HMI For Your Extreme Environments  

Rittal Top Therm Liquid Cooling

A Chiller In The Iron Foundry link icon 

Mitsubishi Electric

Energy Saving and Monitoring link 

Pilz PSS 4000 and PNOZmulti2

Good Luck! Safety for Underground Mining link 

Lutze Panelcon

Is Lutze Panelcon Suitable For Aggregates? link 

AuCom Case Study

Cypsa Vise "El Sauz" Jaw Crusher link icon


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