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Power Supplies, Transformers and Surge Protection from Lutze and Weidmuller

We know that your control panel or machine starts with a power supply, so you need a unit that is reliable and also the right specification for your needs. 

Good news! Our website gives you loads of accurate product information to make it easy to select a unit that is up to the job (just ask if you have any questions), and you can be sure that we only sell industrial spec power supplies that won't let you down. That's peace of mind.

Our Range of Power and Conditioning Includes;

Lutze switchmode
power supplies

Lutze Switchmode Power Supplies at LC automation

Lutze compact
power supplies

Lutze Compact Power Supplies at LC Automation

Lutze LCOS ultra compact
power supplies with boost

Lutze LCOS Ultra Compact Power Supplies with Power Boost at LC Automation

Lutze DC UPS uninterruptible power supplies

Lutze DC UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies at LC Automation

Lutze power supply redundancy module

Lutze power supply Redundancy Module at LC Automation

Weidmuller switch mode power supplies

Weidmuller Switch Mode Power Supplies at LC Automation

Weidmuller uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Weidmuller Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) at LC Automation

Mitsubishi Power Measuring Instruments

Mitsubishi power measuring instruments

Weidmuller lightning and surge protection

Weidmuller lightning and Surge Protection at LC Automation

Socomec Energy Meters & Current Transformers

Socomec power energy meter and current transformer

Voltage Transformers

Transformers at LC Automation

Power and Conditioning at LC Automation

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