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Latest News from LC Automation

Welcome to our news page. Here you will find all the latest news from LC Automation, your Number One source of industry news, case studies, application information and white papers. Click the headlines below for more details (or click news archive for our older news articles).


Sick DeTec4 at LC Automation

Safety and Automation Can Produce Results for the Packaging Industry

Sometimes, safety and automation seem to work against each another, but in this article, Sick show that it doesn’t always have to be the case.


Finder Control Panels at LC Automation

New Supply Partner Announcement - Finder Control Panel Components

LC Automation are proud to announce another new Supply Partner, with our launch of Finder Control Panel Components. Finder have been supplying high-quality products for over 60 years, and are now available at LC Automation...


Brook Crompton Motors and Mitsubishi Electric Inverters at LC Automation

Brook Crompton & Mitsubishi Electric - Strategic Partnership Offers 3-year Warranty

Mitsubishi Electric & Brook Crompton have had a successful partnership for years & recently strengthened their alliance. The goal is to offer a ‘Best in Class’ Motor & a.c. Inverter combination, providing the best solution for our customers.


Tosibox Remote Access Solutions at LC Automation

Tosibox Makes IIoT & Remote Access Child’s Play

At LC Automation, we talk a lot about Tosibox; their security, the benefits of remote access and how easy the units are to set up and install. But people still ask; ‘Can I really set up Remote Access without any IT skills?’. Well, let’s see…


Mitsubishi Electric FR-A800 and FR-F800 a.c. inverters at LC Automation

Preventative Maintenance with Mitsubishi Electric FR-A800 and FR-F800 a.c. inverters

Preventative Maintenance is the future! Mitsubishi Electric A800 & F800 a.c. inverters reduce unplanned downtime by detecting problems in your bearings, motors, pumps, fans or conveyors before they cause a failure. 


Weidmuller PROtop at LC Automation

Weidmuller PROtop. A High-end Power Supply for Any Environment – Today and in the Future

Weidmuller PROtop power supplies combine high efficiency, durability and compact housings with additional communication options to allow condition monitoring and integration with control systems.


We Make it Easy to Migrate to Mitsubishi GOT2000

The E1000 is Finished, But It's Never Too Late to Migrate to the Mitsubishi GOT2000!

Beijer announced a final end of life notice for the E1000 HMI. We have been helping our customers to convert to the more advanced Mitsubishi GOT2000 for the last 4 years - but now we are doing even more with training+


The Sick T-Easic FTS Thermal Flow Switch at LC Automation

The Sick T-Easic FTS - Thermal Flow Switch

The T-Easic FTS Thermal Flow Switch provides flow monitoring and temperature measurement in one device, making it an excellent solution for a wide range of flow applications.



Mitsubishi Plastic Moulding Robot

Mitsubishi Robots Take Their Pick in Plastic Injection Moulding Application

A Mitsubishi Electric robot, PLC and HMI combination has provided an ideal solution for its latest take-out system for plastic injection stretch blow moulding machinery.



Red Lion DA10D DA30D Protocol Converters

Powerful Connectivity Tools Unlock Valuable Data from Your Legacy Equipment

If you have a 'mixed bag' of devices from different suppliers and legacy equipment which runs your critical processes, it can be a huge challenge to get your hands on the information and data you want.


Tosibox Baking Machines

TOSIBOX® Helps Access Baking Machines in Difficult Locations

Forward thinking Bakery Machine producer saves time and money using TOSIBOX® to remotely access their machinery anywhere around the world.



IP69K Safety Light Curtains

IP69K Safety Light Curtains for Washdown Areas in the Food and Beverage Industry

Schmersal has developed the SLC/SLG series of safety light curtains and light grids, which have IP69K protection rating and are robust enough for use in hygiene-sensitive areas, such as the food industry, pharmaceuticals or meat processing. 


Rittal AX and KX Enclosures at LC AutomationRittal Launch New Enclosures - and You Can See Them at LC Automation, Blackburn in April

Rittal are launching the AX & KX small enclosures at Hanover. Although they will not be available until much later in the year, you can be one of the first people in the UK to see them as Rittal bring their brand new demo bus to Blackburn.


Rittal Blue e+ Provides Outstanding Cooling From Above

Rittal Provide Outstanding Cooling From Above

Rittal has developed a roof-mounted version of its award-winning and highly energy efficient Blue e+ cooling units. Designed for enclosures of 800 x 600mm (W x D) upwards, a version is also available which is integrated into a VX25 large bayed enclosure.


Mitsubishi Control System Increases Ale Production by 300%Mitsubishi Electric Control System Helps Brewer to Increase Production by 300%.

When Sadler’s Ales wanted to grow its business, it decided to adopt an automated process control solution from Mitsubishi Electric to improve productivity and make the quality of its craft beers more consistent. The results were amazing!


Sirius Spring-loaded Control Gear - Get Your First Order Up to £500 Free

Sirius Spring-loaded Control Gear - Get Your First Order Up to £500 Free!

The Siemens Sirius modular system enables you to quickly and efficiently build the ideal control panel, but with this special offer there is another great reason to give them a try - your first order up to £500 is free!


IAI Electrical Cylinders Can Revolutionise Your Production ProcessElectrical Cylinders Can Revolutionise Your Production. Join us in Blackburn to See How.

Are you fed up with traditional, inefficient pneumatic cylinders? IAI electrical cylinders are a much better alternative, come along and see them for yourself at our Blackburn Head Office between 11th-13th February 2019.


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