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Mitsubishi Electric HMIs, Red Lion Graphite Panels, Protocol Converters and Edge Controllers

If you are looking for a Mitsubishi Electric GOT series HMI or a Red Lion Graphite HMI, Protocol Converter or Edge Controller? LC Automation have got you covered.

We are one of the largest Mitsubishi Electric distributors in Europe, so you can be sure that no-one knows more about their GOT series HMI. If you currently use the discontinued Beijers E1000 series HMI and need to source a replacement, we can help with all the advice, support and training you need to produce your machinery or keep your plant running.

When it comes to Red Lion, they are at the cutting edge of Industrial Technology. From rugged, hardwearing Graphite HMIs to their Protocol Converters and Edge Controllers, they will connect to literally any network protocol allowing you to get the data you need, even from old legacy equipment. Anything in - anything out, that is what Red Lion say... and, they are dead right!

Our Range of HMIs Includes;

Mitsubishi HMI

Mitsubishi Electric HMIs at LC Automation

Red Lion HMI

Red Lion HMIs at LC Automation

Red Lion Modular controllers

Red Lion Modular Controllers at LC Automation

Red Lion Protocol converters and data aquisition modules

Red Lion Protocol converters and data aquisition moduleat LC Automation

HMIs at LC Automation

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