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LC Automation are Your Number 1 Supplier of Tapeswitch Safety Edges and Mats 

LC Automation supply an extensive range of Safety Edges and Mats from Tapeswitch. Ideal for a wide range of different applications, each mat is tailor made which is why they are not available to buy online.

Video; Tapeswitch Mats on Vimeo.

What are Tapeswitch Mats?

Tapeswitch mats are pressure-sensitive switches designed to detect personnel or objects in a variety of applications. A mat will operate when pressure (usually from a person’s foot) is applied to the mat’s surface.

When used as a safety device, mats are used to guard the floor around a machine or hazardous area. They can provide primary guarding, where other types of guarding may be impractical, and can also provide secondary guarding (they can be used in conjunction with an interlocked fence or light curtain to protect awkwardly shaped machines).

Tapeswitch Safety Mats in Woodworking Machinery Applications

Safety Mats Offer Guarding Flexibility for Your Challenging Applications

Tapeswitch Mats can be supplied in any shape to suit your applicationA safety mat offers additional guarding flexibility as it can be used both to detect an operator entering a hazardous area and also to provide presence sensing of operators for as long as they remain inside a dangerous area.

All Tapeswitch pressure-sensitive safety mats are supplied with 4-wire configuration as standard. When used with a PRSU/4 control unit they conform to EN13849-1 PLd.

For an overview of our range of Tapeswitch Safety Edges and Mats, take a look at pages 457 - 466 in the latest LC Automation 2016/17 Product Catalogue. 

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you are interested in Tapeswitch Safety Mats or Sensing Edges and would like more information, or help specifying the right product for your machinery safety application, give LC Automation a call on 01254 685900. Our Field Sales Engineers, backed by Tapeswitch experts, will be happy to help you make the right choice.


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