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Red Lion Panel Meters, Socomec Energy Meters and Eurotherm Controllers and Recorders.

Red Lion Panel Meters

Some people think that Panel Meters are old fashioned or outdated, but they can still provide all the simple information supervisors and factory operators need without using expensive HMIs. Cost-effective, straightforward to install and use, they are still a great solution to a variety of industrial issues.

Socomec Energy Meters

To manage your energy usage, you first need to measure it. Socomec has a choice of cost-effective energy meters, which can be mounted on DIN rail or panel front (depending on model).

Eurotherm Controllers and Recorders

Because they need to be specified, we don't have Eurotherm Controllers and Recorders available to buy online. If you can't find the Eurotherm panel instruments you are looking for, please call 01254 685900 and we will be happy to help.

Our Range of Panel Instruments Includes;

Red Lion
Panel Meters

Red Lion Panel Meters at LC Automation

Controllers and

Controllers and Recorders at LC Automation

Panel Instruments at LC Automation

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