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LC Automation Weekly Email News Archive

If you're not already signed up to our weekly email news updates (what are you waiting for?) and want to see what it's all about, or, you are and just want to have another look through your favourite edition, this archive is for you!

Free Mitsubishi Online Training LC Automation

Finish the Year with Free Mitsubishi Online Training Courses!

Great news, we have lots of free online training courses on our website! These courses give newcomers to Mitsubishi Electric products a general background in the fundamentals and an overview of the relevant products.


Apex Dynamics Gearboxes

Are You Waiting Ages for Your Gearboxes?

We know supply issues are common at the moment, so you probably expect to wait a long time for high-quality gearboxes. Not with Apex Dynamics.



Why the Future of Industrial Automation Needs TSN

There is a lot of hype about TSN (or Time Sensitive Networking) but it could be one of the most significant and transformational developments in standard Ethernet technology.


IDEM UGB-NET Stainless Steel

The World's Only IP69K Network-Enabled Gate Box from IDEM

IDEM UGB-NET is an access gate box which combines solenoid locking, RFID coded sensor and integrated machine control functions in a robust heavy duty housing.


Introducing the new Pilz PIT Mode Fusion

Introducing the Pilz PITmode Fusion! Combining Security And 
Safety in One

In our latest Video, Rhiannon Gibson, UK Channel Partner Manager at Pilz Automation UK talks about a fantastic new innovation, the PITmode Fusion.


feeling the squeeze

Are You Looking for Finder Relays? We Have Them in Stock!

Stock availability. Everyone knows it is a problem at the moment, but if you are looking for Finder Relays, we can help with that.



Weidmüller SNAP IN connection technology wins the German Innovation Award 2022

We Have IDEM Safety Switches in Stock for Next Day Delivery!

If your safety switch fails, you need to get a replacement quickly – but that can be tricky at the moment. That’s why LC Automation is working with IDEM to max out our stocks of the items you buy most often.


Pilz training course

Fantastic Product Training with Sick - A Roundup!

Last week we had a great training session with one of our key supply partners - Sick UK! Our Field Sales Engineers, Tech Support, Internal Sales and even the Marketing Team got involved in hands-on product training.


Soft Starters In Stock

AuCom Soft Starts Complete Our Motor Control Solution!

Did you know that AuCom Soft Starts are now available from stock at LC Automation. They are the final piece of our motor control solution and we are here to help you choose the right option for you.


Pilz training course

Book Your Place on Our Pilz City & Guilds Safety Training Course for October 2022!

LC Automation - together with Pilz, are pleased to offer a 4-day Safety Training course which is accredited by City & Guilds and conveys all the knowledge and expertise you need to safeguard your Machinery and Plant.

Weidmüller SNAP IN connection technology wins the German Innovation Award 2022

Our Latest News Update is Out Now!

Our latest news update explores some of the latest product innovations, but we know you can source the products you need elsewhere. So what makes us different? Why do our customers choose to work with LC Automation?


Weidmuller innovation award

Weidmüller Wins the German Innovation Award for its SNAP IN Connection Technology

Weidmüller developed SNAP In technology so engineers didn't need to waste time crimping cables and using screw-in terminal blocks. The new technology won over the German Design Council completely, awarding Weidmüller the German Innovation Award 2022 for its innovative SNAP IN technology.

Safety and security in one system

Access Permission and Operating Mode Selection, in One System!

In a language where they have a word for everything, surprisingly German only has one word, ‘Sicherheit’, to mean both ‘security’ and ‘safety’, whereas English clearly differentiates between the two.


feeling the squeeze

Is it Time to Have a Serious Talk About Energy Stress?

Increasing energy costs, the drive for better efficiency, ambitious government targets for carbon emissions, or supply chain pressure from your customers. There are so many reasons why UK businesses are suffering from Energy Stress.


Can automation improve your shopfloor

A Place for Every Robot and Every Robot in its Place.

Robots continue to advance significantly, not in a Terminator, taking over the world kind of way, but we are now seeing a number of different solutions which support a much wider variety of industries and applications than ever before.


Lutze airstream

Wiring Revolution Saves Time, Saves Space and Saves Energy!

Summer has arrived and while you're cracking out the ice lollies don’t forget about the temperature in your control panels. When it comes to energy-efficient temperature control in your enclosures, one factor is often overlooked; How you actually wire the control panel...

New development from SICK

Look but Don't Touch: Check Out This New Product Development from Sick!

With the Speetec® non-contact sensor for speed and length measurement, Sick has launched a compact, affordable laser surface motion sensor. It's perfect for industries such as packaging, digital printing, construction materials and mechanical engineering.

Jomo stroking a robot

A Virtual Tour of Our Mitsubishi Electric Robot Demonstration

Don’t worry if you missed our North West Manufacturing events in July. We couldn’t let Mitsubishi take their fantastic robot demonstration away before Jomo Pereira, one of our technical support engineers, recorded a quick virtual tour for you. Check out his video.

Pilz authorised distributor

LC Automation has Become an Authorised Pilz Distributor!

OK, we know what you are thinking; ‘Hang on, LC Automation has been supplying Pilz products for ages?’ You’re right, we have. So, what difference will it really make?


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