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Check Out the Full Range of Mitsubishi Electric PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) at LC Automation

As one of the biggest Mitsubishi Electric distributors in Europe, no-one knows more about Mitsubishi Electric FX-series, L-series or Q-series PLCs, Remote I/O and Software than we do.

Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in high-performance compact PLCs, fitting an impressive range of features and specification into compact footprints to suit your space-limited applications. If you are looking for a new PLC supplier, Mitsubishi Electric are well worth looking at.

Of course if you need any advice or help to select the right Mitsubishi Electric PLC for your application, get in touch with our Technical Support Experts on 01254 685900. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

Save Big With Our Mitsubishi Electric Oem Developers Kit

Our Range of PLCs Includes;

Alpha logic

Alpha Logic Blocks at LC Automation

Compact PLCs

FX-Series Compact PLCs at LC Automation

Compact modular PLCs

L-series Compact modular PLCs at LC Automation

iQ-R-series Modular PLCs

iQ-R-series Modular PLCs at LC Automation

Q-series - modular PLCs

Q-series modular PLCs at LC Automation

CC-Link distributor I/O

CC-Link distributor I/O at LC Automation

CC-Link IE Field
Basic remote I/O

CC-Link IE Field Basic remote I/O at LC Automation

slice I/O

Melsec slice I/O at LC Automation

Mitsubishi Electric
OEM Developer Kit

Mitsubishi Electric OEM Developer Kit at LC Automation

Programming software

Programming Softwares at LC Automation

SCADA software

SCADA software at LC Automation

PLCs at LC Automation

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