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Safety Switches from IDEM, SICK and Schmersal

If you are looking for Trapped Key Interlocks, Non-contact Safety Switches, Electro-mechanical Safety Switches, Position and Rope Switches, or Interlock Safety Switches - we have a great range to buy online. In fact, with over 400 switches and accessories available from IDEM, SICK and Schmersal, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

We are one of the few distributors in the UK with access to the full range of IDEM safety switches. You will find a selection of their most popular products on our website, but with over 3,500 IDEM safety switches available, let us know if you can't find what you are looking for and we will find it for you. IDEM heavy duty die cast or stainless steel trapped key safety interlocks are proving to be very popular with our customers with washdown applications or very harsh conditions such as quaries and brick factories.

Our Safety Experts are Here to Help.

Do you have a question about the different types of Safety Switches or your general safety application? LC Automation has specially trained Safety Experts, backed by the expertise of our suppliers who can advise you on the best technology for your requirements. You get the solution you need, with the peace of mind that your employees will stay safe. Give us a call on 01254 685900 and we will be happy to help.

Our Range of Safety Switches Includes;

Safety Switches

Non-contact Safety Switches at LC Automation

Safety Switches

Electro-mechanical safety switches at LC Automation

Safety Interlock 

Interlock Safety Switches - Buy Online at LC Automation

Position and Rope Switches

Rope Pull Safety Switches - Buy Online at LC Automation

Safety Foot Switches

Schmersal Safety Foot Switches - Buy Online at LC Automation

IDEM Trapped Key Interlocks

IDEM Trapped Key Interlocks


Safety Switches at LC Automation

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