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LC Automation 2018 Training Course Schedule

We have a full schedule of Mitsubishi PLC and HMI training courses and new Red Lion Crimson software training courses.

If you would like to book a course, or need information about other training courses we may be able to provide, please give us a call on 01254 685900. All courses include lunch and training notes.

Why train with LC Automation? 

Please note; All FX and Q-Series PLC courses use GXWorks2 in Simple Mode. The IEC PLC programming course uses GXWorks2 in Structured Mode and GOT HMI training uses GT Designer3. See course information for details. Courses are held at our Blackburn office, but this can be changed to Chippenham (2 or more delegates required).

December 2017

5th & 6th December  Mitsubishi FX Advanced £475
13th December Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275

January 2018

16th & 17th January Mitsubishi FX Introduction £475
23rd January Red Lion Crimson Software £275
24th January Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275
30th & 31st January Mitsubishi Q-Series Introduction £475

February 2018

6th & 7th February   Mitsubishi FX Advanced £475
13th February Red Lion Crimson Software £275
14th February Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275
20th & 21st February  Mitsubishi Q-Series Advanced £475

March 2018

6th & 7th March Mitsubishi FX Introduction £475
13th March Red Lion Crimson Software £275
14th March Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275
20th & 21st March         Mitsubishi Q-Series Introduction £475

April 2018

10th April Red Lion Crimson Software £275
11th April Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275
17th & 18th April  Mitsubishi FX Advanced £475

May 2018

8th & 9th May Mitsubishi FX Introduction £475
15th May Red Lion Crimson Software £275
16th May Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275
22nd & 23rd May Mitsubishi Q-Series Introduction £475

June 2018

5th & 6th June Mitsubishi FX Advanced £475
12th June Red Lion Crimson Software £275
13th June Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275
19th & 20th June  Mitsubishi Q-Series Advanced £475

July 2018 

3rd & 4th July Mitsubishi FX Introduction £475
10th July Red Lion Crimson Software £275
11th July Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275
17th & 18th July Mitsubishi Q-Series Introduction £475 Full

August 2018

7th & 8th August Mitsubishi FX Advanced £475
14th August Red Lion Crimson Software £275
15th August Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275
22nd & 23rd August  Mitsubishi Q-Series Advanced £475

September 2018

11th & 12th September Mitsubishi FX Introduction £475 Full
18th September Red Lion Crimson Software £275 Full
19th September Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275
25th & 26th September Mitsubishi Q-Series Introduction £475 Full

October 2018

9th & 10th October Mitsubishi FX Advanced £475
16th October Red Lion Crimson Software £275
17th October Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275
23rd & 24th October Mitsubishi Q-Series Advanced £475

November 2018

6th & 7th November Mitsubishi FX Introduction £475
13th November Red Lion Crimson Software £275
14th November Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275 Full
20th & 21st November Mitsubishi Q-Series Introduction £475

December 2018

4th & 5th December  Mitsubishi FX Advanced £475
11th December Red Lion Crimson Software £275
12th December Mitsubishi GOT HMI £275
18th & 19th December Mitsubishi Q-Series Advanced £475

It's easy to book a place on our training courses...

Select the course you need from the training schedule above and call our Head Office Sales Department on 01254 685900 to check course availability. You will need to fax over a completed copy of our Training Order Form on 01254 685901 to book your places and we will confirm your booking.

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