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LC Automation Supply Socomec Energy Meters, Current Transformers and Isolators - buy online!

Before you can manage your energy usage, you'll first need to measure it. Well, how can you do that? Socomec!  Socomec supply a choice of Countis and Diris energy meters, which can be mounted on either DIN rail or panel front (depending on model). 

You can browse our range of Socomec energy meters, current transformers and isolators below, or call 01254 685900 if you would like to discuss which Socomec item will suit your requirements, we'll be happy to answer your questions.


Our Socomec Range Includes;

Countis Energy Meters

Buy Socomec Countis Energy Meters Online

Diris Energy Meters

Buy Socomec Diris Energy Meters Online

Current Transformers

Buy Socomec TCB Current Transformers Online

3-pole Isolators

Buy Socomec 3-pole Isolators Online


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