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Grow Your Business...

Technology is changing faster than ever before, but don’t panic! LC Automation is here to help you decide which new developments will help your business grow faster and provide the ROI you are looking for.

How can IIoT & digitisation help me grow?

Connecting remotely to your on-site equipment can be a huge bonus, whether you’re looking for predictive maintenance, secure remote access or simply better communication, LC Automation have the products and expertise to make that a reality. We can even help to connect your old legacy equipment!


Robots can make a huge difference to your productivity, but which type will suit your requirements and give you the best ROI? When you can't just buy them off the shelf, working with the right partner and getting the right advice is key. It's a big decision, but our experts are here to give you all the advice & support you need.

Energy efficiency will reduce costs...

Taking control of your electric motors can drive operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption and provide more money for investment in new technology. In fact, we could help you to reduce your energy costs by as much as 50%.

Machinery Safety

Protecting your employees is essential, but it doesn’t have to reduce your production output. By helping to design the correct safety system, our experts could actually help to improve your efficiency.

Our Technology & Demonstration Centre

Our Technology and Demonstration Centre has the space and equipment to help you develop and prove your projects. Get in touch to book a time when our experts will be available to discuss your application. It could make a huge difference to your project.

The Right Technology from LC Automation

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