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IAI Electric Actuators - Reduce Energy Costs by 90%, Increase Productivity and Improve Product Quality!

IAI has been a world leader in pneumatic-free automation technology for more than 45 years. They are a household name in Japan, and you're in the right place - only available in the UK here at LC Automation! 


Over 20,000 Products Available!

The IAI product range is huge! Including everything you might need from electric linear and rotation actuators, grippers, direct-drive motors as well as a huge range of cartesian robots, tabletop robots and SCARA robots. Available with the corresponding controllers, and all the popular fieldbus connections completing the product range. In addition to the standard versions, many products are also offered as IP-protected models or in a cleanroom compliant design. What more could you ask for?

IAI's actuators and Industrial Robots are used by many manufacturing companies such as the automotive sector, electronics production or the optical, medical and pharmaceutical industries. As well as the high quality, customers all over the world value and appreciate the compact design and low maintenance requirements from IAI.

IAI Solutions for Automation Technology

Pneumatic-free automation can save up to 90% of energy. Electric actuators are easy to integrate, freely programmable, and require much less maintenance than pneumatic cylinders, saving you time too.

IAI is a leading supplier of components and system solutions for pneumatic-free automation technology. With such a vast portfolio of products, we're sure you can find the perfect fit for your operation today.

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Our IAI Range of Electrical Actuators Includes

IAI Mini Actuators

IAI Mini Electrical Actuators at LC Automation

IAI EleCylinder

IAI EleCylinder at LC Automation

IAI Linear Actuators

IAI Linear Actuators at LC Automation

IAI Servo Press

IAI RCS3 Servo Press Electrical Actuators at LC Automation

IAI Rotary Drives

IAI Rotary Drives at LC Automation

IAI Grippers

IAI Electrical Grippers at LC Automation

IAI Cleanroom Actuators

IAI Cleanroom Electrical Actuators

IAI IP-protected Actuators

IAI IP Protected Electrical Actuators

IAI R-Unit Modular Controllers

IAI R-Unit Controllers

 Looking for More Information? We Can Help With That...

If you are interested in IAI Electrical Actuators for your Servo Press applications, or have any general questions about the IAI RoboCylinder product range, we are here to help. As the UK's only supplier of IAI products, no-one knows more about their product range, so call us on 01254 685900 or send your details below and start making your production process more efficient.


IAI Intelligent Actuator

IAI Electrical Actuators and Robots

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IAI at Automation Revolution

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