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Tapeswitch Sensing Edges and Safety Mats are Available to Order from LC Automation

Tapeswitch has been supplying pressure sensitive products to a wide variety of market sectors for over 60 years. Their tried-and-trusted ribbon-switch technology is at the core of all Tapeswitch Sensing Edges and Safety Mats, making it the preferred solution of industrial health and safety managers.

Standard Designs - Custom Configurations

Each Tapeswitch standard design can be configured in a wide variety of ways. This means you get a customised product that’s easy to install and performs perfectly because it meets your exact specifications! If Tapeswitch don’t already have a design that matches your specifications, they will make one that does - and because all their products are built in the UK, lead times could be shorter than you think.

Everything You Need to Know About Sensing Edges and Mats;

Tapeswitch Safety Edges - Available to Order from LC Automation

Tapeswitch Sensing Edges

Tapeswitch sensing edges are pressure-sensitive safety edges which are typically mounted on the leading edge of a moving object to stop the object and provide cushioning in the event of an impact.

If you need extra protection for vulnerable equipment, people, or both, Tapeswitch can provide a reliable and durable sensing edge that meets your specific requirements and gives you peace of mind.

Tapeswitch Safety Edges - Available to Order from LC Automation

Tapeswitch Safety Mats

Tapeswitch safety mats protect people working in hazardous areas. With extensive experience in safety mat manufacturing, Tapeswitch are able to offer a completely bespoke product with a fast turn-round time.

Options cover both primary and secondary guarding scenarios,  as either:

  • a trip device, triggering a signal when a person enters the danger area
  • a presence-sensing device, staying actuated for as long as the person is inside the danger area
  • a combined trip and presence-sensing device


New Project or Retrofit?

Whether you want to build in safety from the start for a new machine or are looking to retrofit a mat to an existing piece of equipment, Tapeswitch can provide exactly what you need. They are the only UK manufacturer to provide a full customomisation service, including cut-out sections, connectors, fixings and a choice of outer materials, providing mats that will withstand even the harshest of conditions.

Where off-the-shelf safety mats might be a little cheaper, they are often a compromise. A poorly-fitting mat, for example, can put safety at risk, but with a mat that is designed for your specific application, you get a product that is easy to install, works just as you intended, and provides long-lasting reliability.

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

Each Tapeswitch Safety Mat or Sensing Edge is tailor made for your individual project, so you won't find them listed on our website. If you are interested in Tapeswitch Safety Mats or Sensing Edges and would like more information, or help specifying the right product for your machinery safety application, give LC Automation a call on 01254 685900. Our Technical Support Engineers, backed by Tapeswitch experts, will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Safety Edges and Mats at LC Automation

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