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Relieve the Pressure with a Sick PAC50 Pneumatic Sensor!

For improved air pressure monitoring, the Sick PAC50 pneumatic sensor offers more at a glance – the large bi-color display allows you to easily identify if the pressure falls within the target range, even from a distance.

The PAC50’s LCD screen provides colour-coded visibility and is configurable to meet the user’s preferences. This allows operators to monitor process conditions from the factory floor, as well as via the control PLC.

The sensor’s high level of functionality offers local and remote IO setting and diagnostic control, a choice of digital and analogue outputs, a wide range of easy mountings and connections, with IP65 protection in a rugged polycarbonate housing.

“The PAC50 is ideal for an extensive range of pneumatic control and process functions for automation, packaging, logistics, conveyors and automotive applications,” explains Darren Pratt, Sick UK’s industrial instrumentation product specialist. “The whole display is back-lit with green or red LEDS which tell you immediately whether you’ve exceeded a set-point or not. It is also incredibly intuitive, simply controlled by three buttons for setting parameters and interrogating settings.”

Features at a glance

  • PNP or NPN outputs (configurable)
  • Choice of outputs; 2 digital; 1 digital plus 1 analogue; 2 digital plus 1 analogue, 2 digital including IO-Link
  • Measuring ranges; -1 to 0 bar; -1 to +1 bar; 0 to +6 bar and 0 to +10 bar
  • Large display shows system pressure, output states and set switching points
  • Three large function keys and intuitive menu navigation
  • Installation on a mounting rail, wall or in a control panel

Sick PAC50 Pneumatic Sensor Range


  • Bi-color display (green/red) clearly shows the output state to recognise whether the pressure is within the target range
  • Quick overview of important system parameters with advanced display functions
  • Intuitive operation allows simple and quick commissioning
  • Flexible installation with pressure connections on the back and bottom, various mounting options and configurable output signals
  • High reliability, proven technology & rugged design (IP65/IP67 enclosure rating)
  • Low storage costs since a few product variants are able to meet a broad range of application requirements
  • Reduced downtime when changing the format or replacing the sensor with IO-Link 


Simple to setup

Simple to set up through a drop down menu or remotely via PLC, the PAC50 simultaneously displays current pressure, units, pressure set limits and switch output status. The version with IO–Link Stack 1.1 remotely stores parameters to facilitate sensor replacement and instant replacement without recommissioning. To save time where more than one sensor is installed, the Sick Memory Stick allows the sensor parameters to be cloned.

The Sick PAC50 is constructed with polycarbonate housing with moulded in-display window and front-located setting buttons large enough to use with gloves on. The pressurised parts are also in glass-filled polycarbonate for long-term stability.

Compact, with a choice of installation options

At 35 x 35 x 51mm (wxdxh) and weighing just 40g, the PAC50 is easy to install in either panels, with wall mount fixings or in-built DIN rail mountings. Simple mounting is enhanced by the choice of female G1/4 threaded pressure connections on both the back and underside of the housing or a pushfit 4mm PIF hose connection on the underside.

“The flexibility of the PAC50 reduces the need to hold many different replacements in stock as emergency back up,” continues Darren Pratt. “In addition, parameter storage remotely or via the memory stick means minimum plant downtime should any sensor need replacing.”

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Sick PAC50 Pneumatic Sensors



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