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Schmersal Expand their Protect SRB Range

Schmersal Protect SRB safety modules have been around for a little while now, but the original range has now been extended to cover a much wider range of products for different applications. Schmersal now believe it is one of the most comprehensive ranges available in the UK.

The Protect SRB product range now includes safety control modules, safe compact controllers, a safe modular controller and a safe drive monitor which are intended for typical applications in the safety-related parts of machine controllers.

Suitable applications include the signal processing of Emergency-Stop devices, safety switches (with and without interlocking) or other safety devices. They can also be used for monitoring drive signals coming from PNP proximity switches, encoder or resolver sender units or even directly from a motor.

Schmersal Expand their range of Protect SRB Safety Relay Modules

The Protect SRB range now includes units for;

  • Standard applications STOP 0
  • Standard applications STOP 0 / STOP 1
  • Two-hand applications
  • Muting applications
  • Safety mat applications
  • Double reset
  • Antivalent input circuit
  • Standstill monitoring
  • Differential switch-off behaviour
  • Potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Compact safety controller
  • Multifunctional applications


Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you would like more information about Schmersal Protect SRB range, either download a copy of the new catalogue on the right or call our Head Office Sales Department on 01254 685900. You will be able to discuss your safety application and requirements with one of our Technical Support or Application Engineers.

Schmersal Protect SRB Safety Relay Modules




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