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Engineering Services

Have you thought about outsourcing your engineering?

Outsourcing is a great way to manage your resources and peaks in your work load, but there are also other benefits of working in partnership with the LC Automation Engineering Services Team. We have responded to requests from our customers and can provide a range of solutions to your specific needs and requirements.

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As a proactive technical distributor, we work closely with 24 world leading suppliers to ensure we get in-depth training and advanced notification of all their latest developments. By applying this knowledge, we can tailor state-of-the-art solutions to your needs. With most things in life when you have found the solution it often turns out to be simpler than you originally thought.

For more details on our range of services below, give us a call on 01254 685900 or e-mail

Sub-contract Back Plane Assembly

To win business and stay competitive, many of our machine builder and OEM customers have to deliver finished machines and control panels on shorter lead times, while still keeping costs under control.

Solution; We can offer a sub-contract assembly service, which can help smooth out the production peaks that these types of companies have to deal with.

Sub-contract Panel Build

A number of our project management and system integrator customers prefer to concentrate specifically on design, project management and software development. They complained that managing their panel building and purchasing activities not only proved to be expensive, but was also a distraction from their core business.

Solution; Our engineering team can produce high quality control panels to your CAD drawings and specification, allowing you to focus on your core strengths. We also hold large stocks of most popular components at our Blackburn Head Office, reducing purchasing cost and lead times.

Configuration and Software

Some of our customers wanted to send their order direct to site to reduce lead times, but unfortunately need to get the product delivered to their own office in order to get it programmed before sending it to site.

Solution; To reduce your lead times and give greater flexibility, LC Automation can supply PLCs and other products pre-loaded with your software.

Custom Leads and Wiring Looms

Many of our customers find that standard connection leads are not ideal for their specific applications. However, they don't always have the time or resources available to customise or build their own.

Solution; LC Automation can now supply custom leads and wiring looms to your specification, ready for installation.

Machine Kit and Assembly

Some of our customers have lists of several different items that are used to make up the machines or control panels they produce on a regular basis. It takes extra time and resources to produce the order and generate paperwork.

Solution; To reduce paperwork and administration, our advanced business software allows us to create customer specific product codes. These single order codes manage a number of individual items and can be used to trigger a production schedule for sub-assemblies or custom cables, wiring looms etc.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) & Repair Service

Some of our customers need to have their portable appliances professionally tested (at a competitive price).

Solution; Our fully qualified engineers will test your appliances and will provide analysis documentation of the results. If your appliance fails, but is repairable we can also provide a quotation to repair the item.

Safety and Energy Saving Systems

When it comes to machine safety, many companies need additional support with their application and not just a simple product off the shelf. The solution must meet the required safety standards and be user friendly. With an energy saving application, our customers need to know how much energy will be saved in order to justify the investment.

Solution; Our engineering and applications team can evaluate your application and deliver the right solution for your specific needs.

Engineering Services at LC Automation


We Are SafeContractor Approved

We are SafeContractor Approved