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FX3-CPU13002 Safety Controller

By Sick
FX3-CPU13002 Safety Controller
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Product details

Safety relays

FX3-CPU1 - Flexi Soft controller with 2 EFI connections

Flexi Soft is a programmable, expandable safety control system capable of being integrated into various networks. The EFI interface (Enhanced Function Interface) is a two wire communication between the safety sensor and controller.

Flexi Link allows you to combine up to four Flexi Soft stations via EFI for safe communication. Only FX3-CPU1 (or greater) main modules can be used in a Flexi Link system, the connection of FX3-CPU0 modules are not possible.

All EFI sensors can be connected to Flexi Soft, and be accessed and programmed via Flexi Soft's RS232 connection.

This main system module monitors and processes all input signals via the safety logic stored in the memory plug. These signals then switch outputs on the system through the FLEX BUS+ interface which connects all the units together.

It has a RS232 interface which can be used to upload or change the Flexi Soft system settings. It can also be used for permanent diagnosis, using a PLC or HMI for example.

Please note: The system plug must be ordered separately.

Technical specification
Supply voltage:24V d.c.
Number of inputs:0-96 depending on module combination
Number of outputs:0-48 depending on module combination
Number of EFI interfaces:2
Configuration interface:RS232
Logical functions:AND, OR, NOT, XNOR, XOR
Safety functions:Emergency stop function;
Machine control (e.g. PSDI);
Differentiation between man and material (muting);
Control modes and operating mode selection
Connection type:Spring terminals
Operating temperature:-25 to +55°C
Dimensions:h96.5 x w22.5 x d120.6mm
PFHd value:1.07 x 10-9
Mission time:20 years
Standards:EN ISO 13849-1 Performance Level - PLe
EN 62061 SIL Claim - SIL CL 3

  • Compact 22.5mm width
  • RS232 connection for configuration and real time diagnostics
  • System plug stores the configuration of the safety controller
  • Safety networking of up to four Flexi Soft stations
  • Up to 12 input/output expansion modules can be connected in one system
  • Expandable with up to two gateways per system rack

  • Benefits:
  • Less downtime due to gateways, e.g. ProfiNet I/O, Profibus-DP, EtherCat, CANopen,
     Modbus TCP, Ethernet(TCP/IP)
  • Safe communication without additional hardware reduces costs and saves time
  • RS232 connection, enabling real time diagnostics for faster commissioning,
     troubleshooting and reduced downtime

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