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MiniTwin Type4 300mm x 14mm Resolution

By Sick
MiniTwin Type4 300mm x 14mm Resolution
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Please note: This article includes 1 twin stick. Please order 2 for a functioning miniTwin4 system.


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Product details

Safety light curtains

miniTwin type 4

14mm resolution, 350mm length - up to 300mm protective field height

The miniTwin safety light curtain is named for its miniature size and twin stick principle. With a cross section of 15 x32mm, it is by far the smallest safety light curtain on the market.

The miniTwin can be precisely matched to the size of the area needing protection, two or three sets can be cascaded together and placed right next to each other without loss of resolution.

Technical specification
Protective field height:Up to 300mm
Scanning range:Up to 4m
Supply voltage:24V d.c.
Outputs (OSSD):PNP 300mA
Indication:LED alignment, clear fields and diagnostics
Cross section:15 x 32mm
Connection type:160mm cable to 5 pin M12 connector
Ambient temperature:-20 to +55°C
EN 954-1 Category:Cat 4
EN ISO 13849-1 Performance level:PLe
EN 62061 SIL Claim:SIL CL 3

  • Sender/receiver functions built into one stick (2 identical sticks create a functional pair)
  • End to end protection coverage with no dead zone
  • Flexible machine integration with easy wiring
  • Simplified installation using application specific brackets
  • Rapid alignment through coloured LEDs and LED guided start up
  • Intelligent configuration without software
  • Built-in alignment aid, automatic configuration and beam coding
  • Uses standard M12 x 5 cables

  • Includes:
  • 1 x 14mm resolution miniTwin light curtain stick
    (two sticks required to make a functional pair)
  • 1 x Standalone system plug
    including connecting cable with male connector M12 x 4 + FE
  • 2 x C-fix brackets with L-fix bracket including 4 screws M5 (DIN 7984/6912)
  • 1 x Test rod
    with diameter corresponding to the physical resolution of the safety light curtain
  • 1 x Label
    Marked "Important information"
  • 1 x Operating instructions CD

  • REMINDER: Please remember that you will need to purchase 2 x identical miniTwin sticks to create a functional pair.