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Optimised AS-i Safety Basic Monitor

Optimised AS-i Safety Basic Monitor
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Product details

Sensors & AS-interface

Optimised AS-interface safety basic monitor

The optimised AS-interface safety basic monitor has up to 4 local electronic safe outputs and up to 8 local safe inputs (optionally the safe inputs will be used as well as standard inputs and signal outputs).

There are a maximum of 8 independent AS-interface outputs with multiple safe AS-interface outputs possible via a single address.

Technical specification
Safety monitor respond delay:<40mS
AS-interface specification:Integrated
AS-i voltage:18 to 31.6V
Max. AS-i current consumption:200mA
AUX voltage:20 to 30V (PELV)
Max. AUX current consumption:4A
 Supply voltage:24V auxiliary power
 Network connection between safe input terminals:Max. resistance 150Ω
 Safety output:4, cat. 4 or 8 standard in- and outputs, switching current statical 4mA at 24V, dynamic 30mA at 24V (T=100μs)
 Switching elements:2 (4) semiconductor outputs (output circuits 1 and 2) max. contact load: 700mA DC-13 at 24V
Supply voltage:24V auxiliary power
Max. output current signal outputs:10mA each output
Max. output current for OSSD supply:1.4A (S71)
Test pulse:When output is switched on minimal distance between 2 test pulses: 250mS, pulse length to 1mS
Interface type:USB, chip card slot
Connection:COMBICON clamp
Housing:DIN-rail mounting
Operating temperature:0 to +55°C
Storage temperature:-25 to +85°C
Voltage of insulation AS-i/AUX:500V
Dimensions:h99 x w22.5 x d114mm

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