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FX3U RS232 Comms Module FX3U-232ADP-MB

FX3U RS232 Comms Module FX3U-232ADP-MB
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Product details


RS232C interface module (supports Modbus RTU & ASCII)

This communication special adapter is available for the FX3 series main units and supports a wide range of serial communication standards including Modbus. Modbus functionality requires an FX3U or FX3UC main unit of firmware version 2.40 or later, an FX3G unit of firmware version 1.30 or later and for Modbus master functionality, GX Developer 8.45X or later.

Please note: When attaching this module to an FX3S, FX3G or FX3U main unit an interface adapter or interface board is required.

Technical specification
Power supply:5V d.c./30mA (from main unit)
Communication speed*:Max. 115.2kbps
Communication distance:Max. 15m
Related I/O points:0
Dimensions:w17.6 x h90 x d89.5mm

*Communication speed depends on the serial communication method being used (N: Network, Parallel Link, Computer Link, Inverter communication, Non-protocol communication, Programming communication, Remote Maintenance or Modbus).