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Dedicated 4 Loop Pid Control Block

Dedicated 4 Loop Pid Control Block
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FX3U-4LC Mitsubishi dedicated 4 loop PID control block
FX3U-4LC Dimensions


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Product details


Dedicated 4 loop PID control module with auto tuning

This temperature control block can be used with the following base units:
  • FX3G
  • FX3GE
  • FX3GC*
  • FX3U
  • FX3UC*

    *The FX2NC-CNV interface converter is required.

    The FX3U-4LC is used when the internal PID functions are not precise or fast enough, the 4 inputs support thermocouple elements, PT elements and mini voltage inputs. Each channel controls two outputs for heating and cooling and supports cascade control.

    Technical specification
    Power supply:5V d.c./160mA (from main unit);
    24V d.c./50mA
    Analogue inputs:4 points
    (Thermocouple, PT & mini voltage)
    Compensated temperature range examples:
     Type K:-100 to +1300°C
    -100 to +2400°F
     Type J:-100 to +800°C
    -100 to +2100°F
     Voltage inputs:0 to 10mV d.c.
    0 to 100mV d.c.
    Outputs:4 transistor outputs, embedded
    4 external points
     Temperature input:0.1°C/0.1°F or 1°C/1°F
     Voltage input:0.5μV
    Related I/O points:8
    Dimensions:w90 x h90 x d87mm
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