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FX3U 4 Ch D/A Module

FX3U 4 Ch D/A Module
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Product details


Special function module

4 channel analogue output module

This analogue output module can be used with the following base units:
  • FX3G
  • FX3GE
  • FX3GC*
  • FX3U
  • FX3UC*

    *The FX2NC-CNV-IF interface converter is required

    The FX3U-4DA is used to convert digital values in the PLC to voltage or current analogue output signals. This block provides users with 4 analogue output channels with optional output table function and uses an integrated high-performance CPU which converts all 4 analogue signals in 1ms.

    Technical specification
    Power supply:5V d.c./120mA (from main unit)
    24V d.c./160mA (from main unit)
    Analogue output channels:4
    Analogue output range:-10 to +10V d.c./0-20mA/4-20mA d.c.
    Resolution voltage:0.32mV (15 bit + sign)
    Resolution current:0.63μA (15 bit)
    Related I/O points:8
    Dimensions:w55 x h90 x d87mm

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