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High Speed Counter Module

High Speed Counter Module
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Mitsuibishi High Speed Counter Module


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Product details


2 Channel high speed counter module

This temperature control block can be used with the following base units:
  • FX3U
  • FX3UC*

    *The FX2NC-CNV-IF interface converter is required.

    The FX3U-2HC provides additional high speed counter or counters to the attached FX main unit. It increases the maximum frequency to 200kHz.

    The two integrated transistor outputs per counter can be switched independently of one another by means of internal comparison functions, meaning simple positioning tasks can also be handled economically. In additionally it can be used as a ring counter.

    Technical specification
    Signal level:5, 12, 24V d.c.
    Power supply:5V d.c./245mA (from main unit)
    Counter inputs:1-phase (1 input or 2 inputs)
    2-phase (1, 2 or 4 edge count)
    Max. counting frequency:200kHz
    Input format:Differential line receiver/Open collector
    Input channels:2
    Type of counter:Up/down counter, ring counter
    Counting range:
     16 bit:0 to +65,535
     32 bit:-2,147,483,648 to +2,147,483,647
    Output type:4 x transistor (5 to 24V d.c./0.5A)
    Related I/O points:8
    Dimensions:w55 x h90 x d87mm

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