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4 Channel Temperature Controller

4 Channel Temperature Controller
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Product details


4-channel temperature control module - Thermocouple with wire break detection

This module applies the independent control of temperatures, relieving the CPU of the PLC.

Technical specification
Control output:Transistor type
Inputs:4 channels per module
Supported temperature sensors:Thermocouple
Sampling cycle:250ms/4 channels
Control output cycle:0.5-100 seconds
Temperature control method:PID on/off impulse or 2-position control
Transistor output:
 Output signal (sink):On/off pulse
 Rated load voltage:10 -30V d.c,
 Max. load current:0.1A/1 point, 0.4A/common
I/O points:16
Connection terminal:18-point removable terminal block with screws
Dimensions:w57 x h90 x d117mm

  • 4-channels for temperature detection, 4 separate loops of temperature
     adjustment per module
  • Modules for thermocouples and for Pt100 resistance thermometers are available
  • Auto tuning function for optimum temperature adjustment control (PID control)
  • The modules or single channels of a module can also be used for
     temperature detection
  • Temperature control can continue even the PLC program is stopped
  • Heating current monitoring to detect defective or disconnected heater

  • For more information about L-series temperature control modules, download more information (listed on the right) or give our Blackburn Head Office a call on 01254 685900.