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Combined Analogue 4 I/P 2 O/P Module

Combined Analogue 4 I/P 2 O/P Module
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L60AD4-2GH Combined Analogue input/output module


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Product details


Input/output module - 4 inputs and 2 isolated outputs

This analogue input module converts analogue process signals into digital values with high accuracy. The channels are isolated between each other and against the external power supply with high dielectric withstand voltage for both. This eliminates the need for external isolation amplifiers.

Technical specification
Input points:4
Analogue input:
 Voltage:-10 to +10V d.c.
 Current:0-20mA d.c.
Digital output:-32000 to +32000 (-32768 to +32767)*
Overall accuracy:±0.05% (0 to +55°C)
Conversion speed:40μs/2 channels
I/O points:16
Connection terminal:18-point removable terminal block with screws
Dimensions:w28.5 x h90 x d117mm

*Value in brackets when using the scaling function.

  • Channel isolated and high resolution
  • High speed conversion of 20μ/channel
  • High conversion accuracy of ±0.05%
  • High resolution of 1/20000
  • Ensured stability with variable conversion speed
  • Easy parameter setting

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