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CPU With 256k Step Memory

CPU With 256k Step Memory
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L26CPU-P Mitsubishi CPU With 256k Step Memory


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Product details


CPU with 256k step memory

The L-series is a powerful, but compact modular controller with many features built-in to the CPU itself. Excellent value, performance and usability make it ideal for mid-size control applications.

Reliable, easy to use and flexible
The modular L-series has been designed with high reliability, user friendliness and flexibility in mind.

High system flexibility
The rack-free design promotes high system flexibility with minimum form factor.

Positioning control
The built-in positioning function has a start time of just 30μs and high speed output of up to 200k pulses per second.

Data logging
The built-in data logging function provides an easy way to collect information for troubleshooting and performance evaluation.

USB and Ethernet as standard
The built-in USB 2.0 port or Ethernet interface can be used to connect directly at the installation site.

SD memory card
Quickly and easily backup the CPU programs and parameters.

Advanced programming software
Compatible with GX Works2, the next generation of PLC maintenance and programming software.

Technical specification
I/O points:4096/8192*
Programming language:Function block, Relay symbol language, MELSAP3 (SFC), MELSAP-L, Structured text (ST) Logic symbolic language
Basic operation processing speed:9.5ns
Program size (no. of steps):260k
Memory capacity:
 Program memory1040kbyte
 Standard RAM768kbyte
 Standard ROM2048kbyte
Built-in functions:
 Integrated I/Os16 inputs (24V d.c.)/8 outputs
(5-24V d.c. 0.1A per channel)
 Communication10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX
(10/100Mbps), USB
 CC-Link connectivity
No. of possible extensions:2
Max. no. of modules:Main block: 10 modules
Extension block: 11 modules
Dimensions:w98.5 x h90 x d118mm

*No. of points available on a program.

  • High-speed processing
  • Large memory capacity
  • Integrated data logging
  • Integrated USB port for programming
  • Integrated Ethernet interface for efficient network or PC communication
  • SD card memory slot for quick and easy back-up of programs and parameters

Please note: This CPU will require one of the following I/O connectors:
  • A6CON1 40-pin I/O connector, straight, soldering type
  • A6CON4 40-pin I/O connector, angled, soldering type
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