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CANopen Comms Module for FX3 CPUs

CANopen Comms Module for FX3 CPUs
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Product details


CANopen interface module

This master module can be used with the following base units:
  • FX3G
  • FX3GE
  • FX3GC*
  • FX3U
  • FX3UC*

    *The FX2NC-CNV interface converter is required.

    The FX3U-CAN CANopen® communication block connects main unit PLCs to CANopen® networks. Supporting CiA 301 Version 4.1, CiA 302 and CiA 305 Version 2.2, it can be used in a variety of networks. The CANopen-LIFT protocol supports direct control of lifts and devices used in lifts like pushbuttons, terminals and door sensors.

    Technical specification
    Communication standard version:CiA 301 V4.1, CiA 302, CiA 305 V2.2
    CANopen-LIFT application profile:Supported
    Process data size320 words
    Node monitoring:Node guarding, heartbeat
    Time and date transmit:Supported
    Remote slave configuration of
     node ID and baud rate:Layer setting services
    Hot stand-by network
     management master:Supported
    CAN layer-2 communication:Send and receive
    Max. cable length:5,000m
    Baud rates:10 20, 50, 100, 125, 250,
    500, 800, 1000 kbps
    Power supply:24V d.c./110mA (from main unit)
    Dimensions:w43 x h90 x d95mm

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