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UR20-4AO-UI-16 4CH Current/Voltage

UR20-4AO-UI-16 4CH Current/Voltage
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Product details

Networks & communication

Remote I/O analogue output module, IP20, 4 channels, current/voltage

u-Remote is a remote I/O concept, focusing on faster installation, reduced downtime, safer start-up to provide improved performance and greater productivity.

Thanks to their narrow design and reduced power-feed module requirements, u-Remote can reduce the size of your I/O. Tool free assembly, modular design and an integrated web server speeds up installation time and status LEDs on the channel and each module gives reliable diagnosis and rapid service.


The modular structure offers flexible system design and fast installation, while ensuring reliable start-up and minimum system downtime.It can also reduce wiring mistakes and system start-up time.

Local and remote testing

An integrated web server in the coupler allows on-site or remote testing, diagnostics or the simulation of inputs and forcing of outputs.

Improved system availability

A permanent base allows electronics to be replaced without interrupting communication or the power supply to your remote I/O system.

Fast with huge power reserves

High-speed system bus provides up to 256 DI/DOs in 20 μs. The system has two separate 10A supply paths & an internal, high-capacity supply path for station operation. This reduces the number of power-feed modules, so just one power supply operates 64 modules on the coupler.

Technical specification
Supply voltage:24V d.c.
Transmission rate:48Mbit/s
Galvanic Isolation:500V d.c. between current paths
Dimensions:h120 x w11.5 x d76mm
Operating temperature:-20 to +60°C

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