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Input Module for Incremental Encoder

Input Module for Incremental Encoder
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Input module for incremental encoder

This module provides an interface for incremental encoders with an RS422 port. A counter with a quadrature decoder and a null point signal latch can be read and activated by the controller. The controller can also set the counter. In the corresponding operating mode, a rising edge signal at the input then loads the counter value into the latch register and initialises the counter.

The speed (increments/ms) is logged automatically and can be transmitted to the controller instead of the latch value. The gate input can be used to lock the counter. The ref input can be used to activate the null point function. The module uses cam outputs to signal whether the counter value is within the predefined windows. The module provides the power supply for the encoder.

Technical specification
Module type:Incremental encoder interface
Encoder connection:3 input channels
Internal current consumption:110mA
Counting range:32 bits binary
Max. counting frequency:20kHz
Decoder:Quadrature decoder with 4-fold report
Resolution zero impulse:32 bit
Commands:Read, set, enable
Current consumption (typ.):35mA without load
Output voltage:5V d.c. for sensor supply
Max. output current:300mA for sensor supply
Data length:1 x 32 bit
Digital outputs:
 Output voltage:24V d.c.
 Max. output current:0.5A
Protection functions:Output short-circuit protected
Digital inputs:
 Input voltage:(0): -3 to +5V d.c./(1): 15-30V d.c.
 Input current:5-7mA
Module width:2 units (24mm)
Dimensions:w24 x h65 x d100mm
Wire connection:CAGE CLAMP®

  • The range of potential applications is virtually unlimited
  • Reduces hardware and system overheads to a minimum
  • Simplifies handling and maximises efficiency
  • Safe investment
  • Clear labelling

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