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ST Lite CC-Link Coupler

ST Lite CC-Link Coupler
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Product details

Networks & communication

STlite head station - CC-Link, 156kBaud to 10MBaud

This head station connects the STlite I/O system with the CC-Link fieldbus system, it recognises all inserted I/O and special function modules and generates a local process image from the configuration.

Mixed configurations of analogue (word-wise communication) and digital (bit-wise communication) modules are supported. The station has a large range of application protocols.

Technical specification
No. of I/O modules:64
 Protocol:CC-Link standard
 Medium:Shielded Cu cable, 2/3 x 0.5mm2
Interface connector:D-Sub 9-pole
Supply voltage:24V d.c.
Operating temperature:0 to +C55°C
Max. transmission distance:1200m (depends on baud rate/cable)
 Input process image:256 bytes
 Output process image:256 bytes
No. of addressable modules:64
Station addresses:1/1-4
Internal current consumption (5V d.c.):300mA
Max. input current (24V d.c.):500mA
External power supply (24V d.c.):Via power supply module
Wire connection:CAGE CLAMP®
Dimensions:w51 x h65 x d100mm

  • The range of potential applications is virtually unlimited
  • Reduces hardware and system overheads to a minimum
  • Simplifies handling and maximises efficiency
  • Safe investment
  • Clear labelling

  • For more information about this STlite head station, download more information (listed on the right) or give our Blackburn Head Office a call on 01254 685900.

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