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Smart Current Driver 2 Analogue O/P

Smart Current Driver 2 Analogue O/P
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Product details

Intrinsic safety & signal conditioning

Smart current driver - 20mm

This isolated barrier is used for intrinsic safety applications. It drives SMART I/P converters, electrical valves, and positioners in hazardous areas.

Digital signals are superimposed on the analog values at the field or control side and are transferred bi-directionally.

Current transferred across the DC/DC converter is repeated at terminals 1, 2 and 4, 5.

An open and shorted field circuit presents a high input impedance to the control side to allow line fault detection by control system.

If the loop resistance for the digital communication is too low, an internal resistor of 250Ω between terminals 8, 9 and 11, 12 is available, which may be used as the HART communication resistor.

Sockets for the connection of a HART communicator are integrated into the terminals of the device.

A unique collective error messaging feature is available when used with the Power Rail system.

Technical specification
Supply voltage:10-35V d.c.
Power consumption:1.8W at 20mA
Input/Output:Analogue output
No. of Channels:2
 Voltage:≥14V at 20mA
 Voltage drop:Approx. 4V or internal resistance 200Ω at 20mA
 Input resistance:>100kΩ when wiring resistance in the field
<50Ω or >16V (equivalent to 800Ω at 20mA
 Current:4-20mA limited to approx. 25mA
(or the output current if less)
Ambient temperature:-20 to +60°C
Protection rating:IP20
Mounting:35mm DIN rail or panel mount
Dimensions:w20 x h124 x d115mm

  • 3 port galvanic isolation
  • 2-channel isolated barrier
  • 24V d.c. supply (power rail)
  • Current output up to 700Ω load
  • HART I/P and valve positioner
  • Line fault detection (LFD)
  • Accuracy 0.05%
  • Terminal blocks with test sockets
  • Up to SIL2 acc. to IEC 61508
  • DIN rail/power rail solutions
  • Removable terminals reduce maintenance time
  • Fault detection and local indication

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