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Wall Mounted Blue E+ 2.6kW

Wall Mounted Blue E+ 2.6kW
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TopTherm Blue e+ wall-mounted cooling unit - 2.0kW
110-230/380-480V a.c.

This Blue e+ cooling unit offers exceptional energy efficiency by using hybrid technology combined with variable speed cooling, with an integral heat pipe for passive cooling and heat dissipation.

The new touch display and intelligent interfaces make it easy for users to set up the unit, monitor performance and alert engineers of potential problems. The USB interface and Ethernet ports allow remote monitoring or alternatively this can done via a mobile app.

Technical specification
Colour:RAL 7035
Total cooling output:
 L35 L35 at 50Hz:2.0kW
 L35 L35 at 60Hz:2.0kW
 L35 L50 at 50Hz:1.29kW
 L35 L50 at 60Hz:1.29kW
Air throughput (unimpeded air flow):
 External circuit:1250m3/h
 Internal circuit:1250m3/h
Rated operating voltage:110-240V, 1~, 50/60Hz
380-480V, 3~, 50/60Hz
Dimensions:w450 x h1600 x d294mm 
Temperature control:e+ controller (factory setting 35°C)
Temperature range:
 Bearing:-40 to +70°C
 Operation (environment):-20 to +60°C
 Setting range:+20 to +50°C
Refrigerant/cooling medium:
 Quantity: 1150g
Power consumption Pel:
 L35 L35 at 50Hz:0.57kW
 L35 L35 at 60Hz:0.57kW
 L35 L50 at 50Hz:0.6kW
 L35 L50 at 60Hz:0.6kW
Energy efficiency ratio (EER) 50Hz
 L35 L35 to DIN EN 14511:3.5

  • Energy savings of up to 75%
  • Multi-voltage support
  • Active cooling unit with variable speed
  • Easy to operate and setup via intelligent text message display
  • Remote access via NFC interface
  • Constant temperature inside enclosure with three control modes
  • Remote monitoring via Ethernet port

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