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16 Input 24Vdc CC Link Module

16 Input 24Vdc CC Link Module
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Product details


16-point digital input module - 24V d.c.

This remote module is intended to be installed near the control target.

The main advantages are reduced cabling and the capability of acquiring data and operation results of individual machine modules autonomously.

Technical specification
No. of inputs:16
Isolation method:Photocoupler
Rated input voltage:24V d.c.
Rated input current:Approx. 7mA
Operating voltage range:19.2 to 26.4V d.c. (ripple ratio: within 5%)
ON voltage/ON current:14V or higher/3.5mA or higher
OFF voltage/OFF current:6V or lower/1.7mA or lower
Input resistance:Approx. 3.3kΩ
Response time:
 OFF—ON:1.5ms or lower (when 24V d.c.)
 ON—OFF:1.5ms or lower (when 24V d.c.)
Wiring method for common:16 points/common (2 points)
(terminal block 1-wire type)
Input format:Positive/negative common shared type
(sink/source shared type)
No. of occupied stations:1 station 32 points assignment (use 16 points)
I/O module power supply:
 Voltage:20.4 to 26.4V d.c. (ripple ratio: within 5%)
 Current:35mA or lower (when 24V d.c., all points ON)
Network speed:Up to 10Mbps
Network distance:Up to 1.2km

  • Up to 64 I/O modules with a maximum of 32 inputs or 32 outputs each
     can be connected
  • Compact design which is tough and highly shock-resistant
  • Status indicator LEDs for the inputs
  • Modules can be positioned in a horizontal arrangement or one of four orientations
     on a flat surface.
  • DIN rail or screw mounting

    For more information about CC-Link distributed I/O digital input modules, download more information (listed on the right) or give our Blackburn Head Office a call on 01254 685900.