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DeviceNet PUR Superflex 2x0.75+2x1.5mm

DeviceNet PUR Superflex 2x0.75+2x1.5mm
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Product details

Cable & cable management

DeviceNet PUR superflex thick cable - 2 x 0.75 + 2 x 1.5

Technical specification
Impedance nom:120 ohm
Loop resistance:AWG 16 <22.6 ohm/km
AWG 18 <54.4 ohm/km
Operating capacitance:<40 pF/m
Rated voltage:300V
Nominal voltage:300V
Test voltage:3000V
Temperature range:
 Moving:-20°C to +80°C
 Fixed:-40°C to +80°C
Minimum bending radius:
 Moving:D × 12
 Fixed:D × 6
Jacket material:PUR
Burning behaviour:Flame-retardant according to
VDE 0482 part 265-2;
IEC 60332-1;
UL 1581 section VW-1 Flame-Test;
Halogen-free:According to EN 50267-2-1
Approvals:cULus CMX
Outer diameter:11.3mm approx.
Number of strands/cross-section:2 × AWG18 + 2 x AWG16
Strand colours:White/blue, red/black
Conductor structure:Bare copper wire tinned
Conductor insulation:Conductor insulation special polyolefin
Static shield:BUS element statically shielded
Overall shield:BUS element static sheilded (foil) braid
from galvanised Cu wire,
optical coverage 85%
Outer jacket:Special PUR, matt, adhesion-free surface
Jacket colour:Violet RAL 4001

Note: CE These products are in conformity with the EU Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC

  • Priced per meter

Typical applications:
  • For the wiring of industrial devices, sensors, control devices (SPS), valves
  • DeviceNet is the leading BUS system for industry automation in the USA
  • For continuous flexible use e.g. in c-tracks or free movement in the automation technology, transport and conveyor technology, machine tool manufacture

  • 2-pair cable: The pair with the smaller cross section serves for the data transmission, the pair with the larger cross section is for the power supply
  • High active and passive interference resistance through double shielding (StC)
  • Silicon free
  • RoHS-compliant

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