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ProducTVity Station

ProducTVity Station
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Product details


ProducTVity station

Improve your factory floor productivity with Red Lion PTV.

There are various ways to improve productivity, but most rely on analysing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and communicating them to production staff on the factory floor.

That's where a Red Lion ProducTVity Station (PTV) can make a real difference, and take advantage of the low price of off-the-shelf LCD TVs.

Large, flat screen TV’s aren’t designed with productivity in mind and lack the ability to gather plant floor data. The Red Lion PTV is the only ready-to-deploy solution that can display KPIs and productivity information directly on virtually any LCD TV.

With more than 200 communications drivers, three independent serial ports and an Ethernet port, the PTV can connect and collect data from virtually any PLC, a.c. inverter, etc.

The built-in data logger can record key performance indicators, as well as andon events for later review. The PTV can also synchronize log files with an FTP server and/or Microsoft’s SQL server for further analysis.

The PTV also extends production monitoring to remote personnel. With email and text alerts, and a built-in webserver, productivity information can be monitored via PC, mobile or tablet. Remote personnel can take partial or full control of the system, allowing maintenance personnel to make changes without visiting the site.

Technical specification
Supply voltage:24V d.c.
Communication ports:USB/PG, DVI, Serial, RS232/PG, Comms, DH485 TXEN, Ethernet
Operating temperature:0 to +45°C
Storage temperature:-30 to +70°C
Dimensions:h132.4 x w85.2 x d106.1mm
Construction:Black high impact plastic and stainless steel
Power connection:Removable wire clamp screw terminal block
Mounting:DIN rail

  • Ready to deploy plant floor visualisation system
  • Creates hi-definition KPI or andon message boards
  • 720p dvi output supports 720 or 1080 TVs with hdmi/dvi interfaces
  • 200+ drivers can communicate directly with PLCs, a.c. inverters, etc.
  • Connect up to 16 extension modules to accept digital and analogue signals
  • Built-in webserver allows remote viewing or control from any internet connected PC, mobile or tablet
  • Provides email and SMS text message alerts
  • Syncs data logs to ftp servers and Microsoft sql server®
  • 32 bit floating point maths allows creation of virtually any KPI (key performance indicator)
  • Includes hdmi cable and hdmi/dvi adapter to support any monitor/TV

Supplied with:
  • Termination plug
  • Terminal block for connecting power
  • Rubber end cap
  • DVI to HDMI cable (4.5m)
  • HDMI/DVI adapter
  • 2Gb CompactFlash card

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