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Single Channel Barrier 184256

Single Channel Barrier 184256
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Product details

Intrinsic safety & signal conditioning

Solenoid driver with logic input - 20mm

This isolated barrier is used for intrinsic safety applications. It supplies power to solenoids, LEDs, and audible alarms, located in a hazardous area.

It is controlled via a logic signal. The input has two defined states: 1-Signal = 16V d.c. to 30V d.c., 0-Signal = 0V d.c. to 5V d.c. The current consumption of the input is about 3mA.

At full load, 11.7V at 45mA is available for the hazardous area application.

If the field impedance is >10kΩ for lead breakage or <50Ω for short circuits a line fault is detected.

A fault is signalized by LEDs acc. to NAMUR NE44 and a separate collective error message output.

Technical specification
Supply voltage:20-30V d.c.
Input/Output:Digital output
No. of Channels:1
 Internal resistor:272Ω
 Open loop voltage:≥24V
 Connection:Terminals 1+, 2- or 3-
 Current:Approx. 3mA at 24V d.c.
 Signal level:
  1-signal:16-30V d.c.
  0-signal:0-5V d.c.
Ambient temperature:-20 to +60°C
Protection rating:IP20
Mounting:35mm DIN rail or panel mount
Dimensions:w20 x h119 x d115mm

  • 3 port galvanic isolation
  • Single-channel isolated barrier
  • 24V d.c. supply (power rail)
  • Output 45mA at 11.7V d.c.
  • Logic input, non-polarized
  • Lead monitoring
  • Up to SIL2 acc. to IEC 61508
  • DIN rail/power rail solutions
  • Removable terminals reduce maintenance time
  • Fault detection and local indication

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