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Isolation Switch Box 40A 4P S/S

Isolation Switch Box 40A 4P S/S
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SS-ISB1-40 isolation switch box in stainless steel
SS-ISB1-40 dimensions
Trapped key example
Stainless Steel Barrel Housing & Dust Cap 40A 690V 4 pole


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Product details

Safety switches

Skorpion range
Isolation switch box, 40A - Stainless steel

The ISB-1 isolation box is the first part of the trapped key system and is usually on the control panel of the equipment.

When the isolator key is trapped in the ISB-1, power is provided to the equipment, but when the key is turned and removed the power to the equipment is stopped. The isolator key can now be inserted in the next part of the trapped key system, i.e. a key exchange block or into a single component such as the bolt lock. Power to the equipment cannot be restored until the Isolator key is returned to the isolator switch.

The switch is manufactured with a stainless steel barrel set into a polycarbonate housing.

Watch our video below to see how the key exchange system works . . .

Technical specification
Power on:Key is trapped
Power off:Key can be released
Material:Stainless steel 316 barrel housing and dust cap
Rated operational current:40A
No. of poles:4

  • Extremely robust mechanical coded key safeguarding and interlocking for hazardous machinery and applications
  • No need for expensive and time consuming electrical wiring
  • Colour coded key fobs for an easy to see visual aid
  • All keys are coded in the factory so it is virtually impossible to override the system

*Click here for our range of standard key fobs 

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