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Control Switch Box 4NC M20 S/S

Control Switch Box 4NC M20 S/S
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SS-ISB-CB-40-M IP65K control switch in stainless steel
SS-ISB-CB-22-M dimensions
Contact Block 240V 3A max. M20


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Product details

Safety switches

Skorpion range
Isolation switch box with IP69K rating, 4NC - Stainless steel

This trapped-key guarding system relies on the transfer of keys between a power isolation switch (or control switch) and a locking mechanism fixed on a guard.

The main feature of the system is that a removable key is trapped either in the guard lock, or in the power isolation switch. The lock on the guard is arranged so that the key can be released only when the guard has been closed and locked, this allows transfer of the key from the guard to the power isolation switch.

Closing the switch traps the key, so that it cannot be removed while the switch is in the ON position. If there is more than one source of power, and more than one circuit breaking element to be actuated, then a key-exchange box is necessary, to which all keys have to be transferred and locked in before the access key, which is of a different coding, can be released for transfer to the guard lock. Where there is more than one guard, the exchange box will accommodate an equivalent number of access keys.

When a number of operations have to be carried out in a pre-determined definite sequence, then the transferable key is locked in and exchanged for a different one at each stage.

Technical specification
Power on:Key is trapped
Power off:Key can be released
Material:Stainless steel 316 barrel housing and dust cap
Rated operational current:3A max.

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