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Bolt Interlock - Single key

Bolt Interlock - Single key
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SS-BS Single key bolt interlock in stainless steel
SS-BS dimensions
SS-BS trapped key example
Key trapped - bolt retracted


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Product details

Safety switches

Skorpion range
Bolt interlock - Single key (key not included*)
Key trapped - bolt retracted

Bolt interlocks work on the principle that when the key is “free” the bolt is extended and the bolt is locked in position.

The “free” key is then placed in the isolator switch or key exchange system if part of a multi key system. Once the key is inserted, power can then be re-applied to the guarded area.

Only when the key is inserted into the bolt interlock can the bolt be retracted - at this point the bolt is unlocked. When the bolt is retracted the key is trapped. Only when the bolt is extended can the key be released for placing back into the isolator switch or key exchange system.

Please note that the BS Bolt Interlock is not suitable for guard access.

Watch our video below to see how they work . . .

Technical specification
Body material:Stainless steel
Key status:1 Key trapped - bolt retracted
Operating temperature:-25 to +50°C
Holding force:5000N (F1 max) 3846 (Fzh)
Mechanical life (B10d):200,000 cycles

  • Heavy duty for harsh environments
  • No need for electrical wiring
  • Suitable for CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (sterilization-in-place)
  • Can be high pressure hosed with detergents at high pressure
  • Colour factory coded keys

*Click here for our range of standard key fobs 

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