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50mm Pick to Light Touchbutton 3xcolour

50mm Pick to Light Touchbutton 3xcolour
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Product details

Pushbuttons & indicators

K50 50mm LED pick-to-light touchbutton - green, red, yellow

This touchbutton combines a large, bright indicator with solid state switching capability activated by a simple touch.

This easy to use illuminated touchbutton indicator allows for increased productivity with highly visible indication.

Technical specification
Supply voltage:12-30V d.c.
Supply current:<75mA at 12V d.c.(exclusive of load)
<40mA at 30V d.c.(exclusive of load)
LED colours:Green, red, yellow
LED function:Job light always ON with job input until touched
Touch activates output and overrides job light with sense light
Touch with inactive job input activates mis-pick light
and activates output
Output rating:150mA max. load
I/O type:PNP
Output state:N/O
 Translucent dome:Polycarbonate
Connection:M12, 5 pin/Euro style quick disconnect
Operating temperature:-40 to +50°C

  • Ergonomic design requires no physical pressure to operate,
     preventing stress on hands & wrists
  • Ideal for applications where a rugged device is needed
  • Simple operation with the touch of a finger, hand or palm,
     with or without gloves
  • Rugged, water-resistant IP69K housing

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